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Blog- Maurice's Blog - So a, "quick spray with some gloss varnish"

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Not so!.... Quick!!


The body was warmed on the Rayburn.  The can of Varnish had been tested on the test piece of painted tin plate.  The can had been shaken for well over 2 minutes.  It was a lovely sunny day so it seemed like a good idea to put a mist over the body outside as the bench is full of baseboards.


It did not go on too well.  It had done this on the tinplate and dry back nice and smooth with a gentle gloss.  It remained blobby and started to show rather brown.  


Decision this will not do.  20 minutes before tea would be in the table... out come the cotton buds, clean white spirit and tissues.  Flood the surface and wipe with the tissue. The sticky varnish came off and the paint stayed behind along with a lots of tissue fibres.  A picture was taken of the cleaned area against that still covered in varnish.  More cleaning with some cotton cloth and a quick wash.  Tea was taken.  A close inspection made and some further work with the white spirit and softer cotton cloth... an old pillowcase.  


The can of spray varnish went in the bin.  Never again!


The decision was that the varnish had to go and if the paint went with it, so be it.  Luckily the most recent paint just needs a little touching up.  I wonder if the small amount of mahogany for the drop lights will still work as it is folded into small piece of cooking foil on which it had been mixed... will look later when the body is dry.


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