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Blog- Northall - Station Road - Figure placing

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After I had designed the basic plan for 'Station Road – Shops under arches' and painted my figures, it is time to find the right place for the figures.

On the map I marked the position of the girl and the boy.



So to give the situation some what more personal I made some notes by the figures to create more “living” persons from them.

This was an interesting journey. Reading the backgrounds of teenagers in the 1950's and the Teddy Boy culture in London and the UK.


So let me introduce them to you.


The girl in the yellow dress is:



Vivien Hexman, just 19. She  lives on 27 Tabart Road. She has  brown wavy hair.

She is beautiful and has a strong character, but it is her warmth and kindness which likes D. most. She works as a hairdresser by Karin (Millers) Hairdressing Salon on High Street in Northall.

She likes to listen to American rock and music and is she likes Elvis Presley.

She listens to this music on the jukebox in the Carousel, a coffee bar at Station Road.

Her parents are working class people we like to listen to the more traditional and classic music on the BBC radio.

They don’t like the why D. is dressed and his thoughts about society, although after Vivien brought him home and he made a good impression the will follow their friendship with an more open mind.


The "Teddy boy" is:



Darrel Fincher (20) lives at 13 Nice Street. He has black hair and is skinny. He likes to wear Teddy boy clothes. He doesn’t like all the ideas of them. He works at the factory of Ince & Mayhew, producers of office equipment as a metal worker.

He found normal girls boring, but the teddy girls make him feel miserable. He actually loves a quit live, listening to his favourite skiffle music and hanging around with some friends in the Carousel.

He is madly in love with Vivien, and they spend time together going to the movies, dancing and visiting the Carousel.

He now wants a girl that loves him and will stay with him for ever, even if he had to marry her. He is a teenager in love.


To see of the scene was correct I build a muck-up, that I can also use for other micro diorama’s. See the first picture.


After placing the figures on the spots I marked on the drawing I noticed it wasn’t what I had in mind.



After some trying out I believe this is the right position for me. See picture below. The white card will become the shops under arches.






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