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Hello to all, and to all Hello. I have been attempting some practice with Phoenix paints. I am a complete beginner to the world of painting... anything thats not a wall really. So the results really speak for themselves, which is unfortunate, but please bear with. In the first instance here is what I'm working with.



To the left is a can of PV 82. Matt Varnish, in the centre PQ5, Grey general purpose primer, and finally on the right is P126 BR freight wagon grey [Dull]. I will add the caveat that these three represent the limit of the infrastructure I have at work, beyond them there are a few brushes from a beginners paint set, two of which I have already ruined in the attempt due to my failure to include an adequate thinner with my, would the Phoenix example suffice?



Now here we have the practice example, as you can see it has already been subject to numerous crimes tests of mine. This is just a single coat of the Primer sprayed from roughly 5-6CM away and then redistributed with the aforementioned brushes. The result is less than spectacular. I noted that the primer was quite thick as it came out of the can, what distance would it be best to hold the can at? 


Any advice that my fellow modellers could give on how to improve would be much appreciated.


Yours in Good Faith


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Not too sure why you're spraying and then 'redistributing' with the brush tbh just use the spray can. I'd go for twice the distance you quoted when using cans but a closer when/if using an airbrush.


Also try allowing the can to stand in some warm water for about 5 minutes before you start spraying. This will affect the viscosity and should make for a more even coat of paint.


Trial and error and lots of practice and you'll see an improvement.


Good luck!

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