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Finally got time to finish this project over Easter :)


This was started in my paint-shed thread but I'll put the final post on the Heljan conversion here as it seems more appropriate. 


A more detailed run-down of the conversion can be viewed here:http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/1306-northern-maidens-paint-shed/?p=1330827


Quick recap...


Project:  To convert Heljans D5348 to 27002 circa the early seventies.  D5348 was chosen as it has tablet recesses and sliding windows ( I reckoned it easier to plate over the doors than cut out tablet recesses and convert windows)



Plate over front communication doors

Repaint the yellow panel, wrapping it round the sides

Renumber etc

Detail and weather





Loco completed yesterday and running on the layout.....















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New project now underway.. Converting the old Hornby NBL "29" into a proper one.. :)


 I've done one of these before but wasn't fully satisfied with the results, so I've decided to tackle another one, hopefully having learned from mistakes made first time round.


First job was to remove the buffer beams and file off most of the detail from the "face" of the loco and fill in the three marker lights.  Two new lights were drilled in the correct positions.




Next those big sad eyes are too small so they required opening up a bit, I used needle files..takes a bit of time but less risk of taking too much off (as can happen using a blade)


The face is also too short so some plasti-rod was added to the bottom and filed tot he desired profile.


Two new horn housings were fashioned from strip, drilled and attached.




The tumble home under the cabs has a totally different profile from that of the original model and a triangular section was removed (as per photo) and the remaining part filed to shape.  The new buffer beam was constructed from plasti-card and the buffer housings from the original which were drilled out and filed to make their profile more accurate.


The valance was removed completely as were the side panels for the large grills. New ones to be added later.


The extra window on the body side was filled and louvres added along with rain strips.A set of etched NBL work plates were placed under the completed cab windows.


The roof was next:

Two new recesses were cut out to accommodate missing filler caps and a large section from around the fan was cut away, the panel on the prototype is wider than that on the Hornby model.  A new panel with be made from plasti-card topped with an eched grill.  A panel from very thin card was placed over  the middle of the front roof panel as this is present on the protoype.  Other details such as air vents and exhaust ports were added too with bits from the spares box.





Still lots to do, hopefully over the weekend I'll add the roof panel and grill, roof grab handles and side grills.






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Did you use a particular guide to get the front window size right? I started on one of these then backed off when the rumours about the proposed Dapol model came out. Now that that seems scuppered I will be reviving the project.





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The detail that stands out immediately is the thickness of the frame at the outer edges. The Hornby frame is much wider/thicker.  I studied about twenty photos showing the real beasties from varying angles.  From this I "guestimated" how much to alter the windows.  If you mark out the line  for the outer edge of the window the line/curve of the top and bottom of the window become pretty clear. Then its a matter of slowly filing away, comparing with the prototype photos from time to time. 


As an aside, Andrew F converted one to a Class21 a while back, (and very nice it was too)

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This looks great, one of my favourite loco types. I modified mine along similar lines but yours looks like it will be more professional job than my bodge.

Hope you don't mind me adding some pics. I found reshaping the front on my second attempt was tricky but did improve the original profile.

Would like to add brass mesh bodyside grills and roof grill. Sound would be great as well!!


Good luck, I look forward to seeing the results.



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Added some details to the cab fronts.. 


The larger lamp brackets with the handles were made from L section plasti-rod, brass strip and fine guitar wire;  the smaller brackets at the bottom of the cab were brass wire and strip





The fan has now been fitted along with the new roof panel and grill.  Header tank filler caps were added as well as the side grills.  Photos seem to show a pair of mesh panels, hinged at the top (perhaps the bottom too) The top panel clearly sits on top of the lower one.  I'm not sure if this arrangement replaced the earlier louvre style grills or (and I suspect this is the case) they were fitted over them.  I used a pair of Bachmann class 37 frost grills,  shaped to suit with plasti-strip detailing to depict give the impression of upper and lower panels.


post-6828-0-39372100-1400957895_thumb.jpg    post-6828-0-57585700-1400958584.jpg


The body should hopefully be finished in a week or two and will be fitted to an altered Bachmann motor/chassis.

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Finally got time to give this project a little push forward...  the body was finished by the addition of the skirt valances, which were made in sections.  Body has been primed and the two tone green and white stripe livery added.  A full yellow end will see the livery complete along with the number 6103.



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Body shell now complete and just needing weathered...  numbered 6103 and added bars on the door windows to protect breakage from the token during changes. On the subject of glass, flush glaze was used for all but the cab front windows which had to be made from glaze plasti-sheet.


The underframe tank has also been completed which just leaves a few minor tweaks on the chassis and the whole think will be ready.  I've went for a Bachmann 25 motor chassis, which has been fitted with the 29 bogie frames and has been adapted to take the Hornby bodyshell.


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