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Funny how pics suddenly stop you in your tracks...

gordon s

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It's strange how you stumble across things.  I've been following the Bachmann and Hornby threads for some weeks now and whilst searching for pics of a Q6 and J15 came across this pic of 60508 Duke of Rothesay on Wikipedia.  Reading the copyright info, it appears I can post the pic here as long as I credit the author, Ben Brooksbank.






I knew nothing of this accident and it took me into Yeadons to read about the incident and the subsequent repair work to the loco.  Sadly the fireman lost his life, but had the loco not broken free from the train, the number of casualties could have been much higher.


As a young lad, I was brought up a few miles from here and the next station down the line, Wood Green (now Alexandra Palace) was one of my favourite spotting haunts.


What was even more surprising for me was how familiar the buildings were and then I realised that the church hall was where I spent my first few months as an apprentice for Standard Telephones and Cables (STC) some 50 years ago.  The entrance to STC was just to the left of the pic where the Woodbines advert is.  Many a lunch hour was spent next to those railings watching Gresley's finest thunder past in the early 60's.


Anyone else suddenly come across an unexpected railway pic that has links to your past?

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The most unexpected railway picture I have ever come across is in a book - the Amberley press revised version of Adrian Vaughan's book about the Faringdon branch.  I bought the book from Kevin Robertson at an exhibition several years ago partly because it was keenly priced, partly because it was GWR and partly because it was the line my mother travelled to & from school in Faringdon - so various names mentioned in it were not unknown to me as my grandparents had lived in Uffington for some years.


Not quite so expected was the picture of the Uffington permanent way gang dated c.1910 which appears on page 68 - it includes my great grandfather who was a member of that PWay gang for many years!

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