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Back in September 2013 I posted some pictures of the track being put down on the Brickfields Boards of the Melstock Intrinseca Country Boards in preparation for an S Scale meeting here in Exeter.


It is only now that I have got round to finishing the point (it was clipped back in September) and gate operation. While most to that work will not be seen, the scenery will be ... what a difference a bit of plaster makes.


I pre-colour my mixture of plaster, left over grouting and PVA, with some powder paint. While it is still wet I always wonder if I put in too much of the later, but it dries much lighter than seen here.


The profile of the near end of the board requires matching to neighbour, which will have to be got out of store so this can be done. Once the profile has been formed the rest of the scenery shape can be added. When the plaster has gone off the ballasting of the track can be done.


I will probably not get al that mach more done on this before the Exeter Show ... although I hope to get some trees on the slopes. Some may come from my scrapped German N Gauge layout ... a 2mm tree becomes a 1/64 bush!!


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