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Extending Wycombe Station

St. Simon

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Somehow, I have only just found out that the work being carried out at High Wycombe Station is to Lengthen the platforms, along with five other stations on the Chiltern Line:




My question is, does anyone know how they are extending the platforms at High Wycombe?


The Up platform (3), can be extended northwards towards the bridge carrying the Amersham Hill, but it would mean that Banner Repeater ME146BR would have to be moved to the north side of the bridge or would be replaced with a canopy mounted version, plus it can't be extended all that far before the minimum platform width is reached, but it's almost certainly enough to accommodate the nine car trains wanted.


The down platform (2) is much more difficult, this can't be extended northwards due to the the bridge. It could be extended south wards, however it would have to take around the current slope down to the subway, but that means the platform would be way too narrow.


The first work phase is due to be finished at the end of July, and currently there is no sign of work at Wycombe, apart from some diggers and some cable troughing. I assume that Wycombe isn't included in the first phase, but there would still be problems to get around. There are three possibilities I can see:


1 - The most likely is that the subway will be altered in some way to make a platform around it wide enough, but it would mean a lot of work


2 - The subway is taken out completely and either replace by a footbridge or not at all (there is an entrance to the down platform above the retaining wall), however this would destroy the character of the station and some signal sittings


3 - A separate platform is built, either South of the subway entrance or in between the running lines and is somehow connected to the rest of the station, which is highly unlikely.


Whatever happens, it will require the moving of the up direction platform starting signal for platform 2, as well as various door monitors.


So, theories or even fact would be welcome!



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