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No I am not about to enter a phase as an Olivia Newton John fan.


What has been going on hereabouts is quite a lot of time spent staring at a computer screen doing what might be called Virtual Modelling. The intention is that this work will (one day) be turned into actual vehicles but there is still some way to go before then.


Having recently finished a prolonged stint producing decal artwork (somehow these things always appear to be a lot less work at the beginning) I decided to spend a bit of time turning the output of some previous virtual modelling into a usable piece of rolling stock.




The vehicle in question (the unpainted one on the left) is not particularly news - another Lowfit carrying a semi-bulk bromine tank like the one I built last year (on the right). The new one is intended to end up as the tank that appears in 'Diesels on Cornwall's Main Line' and which started my interest in Hayle wharf and Associated Octel. Consequently it needs to sit on the earlier (4 rib) variant of the Lowfit with LNER clasp brakegear underneath.


There's not a huge amount to say - the body is a slightly fettled Parkwood kit. The framing on top this time is actually based on a real bromine carrying Lowfit albeit not the one I'm modelling - the book photo doesn't show the framing arrangement. It's cobbled together from various bits of styrene strip and I even tried out the Geoff Kent 10 thou cube trick to represent bolt heads. All I can say is that I'm not Geoff Kent and he has obviously had a lot more practice than I have.


The chassis is a 2mm Association one and I'd have to say that putting it together was rather more of a battle than the other 9' and 10' wheelbase chassis kits that I've done previously. There are a lot of tiny holes that need to be opened out in order to get all of that brakegear to go together. I'm rather regretting a rash purchase of a multi pack of steel bodied 'High's now because they all need this kind of chassis.


Anyway, this is now ready to be cleaned ready for painting. The 3d printed tank has already had one round of cleaning but still seems to be shedding some oily residues so it might be in line for an attack with IPA quite soon.

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