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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street (Let There Be Light)

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Well the good news is this will be a very short update, in fact it will probably take me longer to type this than I have actually spent modelling (I can use multiple fingers - the problem is it multiplies the mistakes :))


Anyway I have made a little progress on the streets around Foster Street and as you can see the Street lights are starting to go up, even though with the advantage of the camera (pesky thing) some of them appear not to be totally vertical :(.


I have even started to add a little more interest to the area that climbs up over the tracks to the left of board 1, by modelling a scene of the railing being removed from the front of the stepped terraces. There is a war on you know and metal is metal (I got bored of cutting strips of plastic to made the railings) all I need is so obtain a suitable lorry, so more on this may appear in a future entry.


I really need to improve some of the backscene too, another thing to add to the list


I suppose the time is approaching, when the population of Foster Street start making appearances around the layout, so this will be one of the next tasks to be completed (started at least), speaking of the locals I have not seen that scamp Billy Grimes........I wonder what mischief he has been up to??


Until the next time Happy Modelling :)

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