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High quality photo backdrops

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Hi All,

I've been spending a bit of time recently trying to work out what the next stage of my Swiss layout is going to be. I've got to add some hardboard around the layout to tidy up the sides & also create contours for the scenery. I've decided that the rear of the layout is going to have a back scene & i've heard about high quality photo backdrops. 
I've been trying to find a supplier but I've had no luck at all so i thought it was time to get some advice from the members of the forum. I'm trying to find a good image of the Swiss alps which i can have printed on a 5ft length if this is possible. I've no idea if this can be done but any help would be greatly appreciated because i think it would make a really good backdrop because my painting skills are naff to say the least & i don't think anything else will do it justice.



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Hello Simon


These UK people specialise in photographic backgrounds for modellers


Art Printers co

E-mail: info@art-printers.com


I believe that their prints are 5' in length


Michael dJS

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