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Atlas C420 quality issue


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After waiting several months my Hi-nose Long Island(blue) C420 arrived early last week, the loco now comes packaged in a flimsy plastic tray and almost paper thin card board lower box. The loco ran as well as previous models however on dismantling discovered footboards and glazing now glued in place, the circuit board(DCC ready) has reverted to the older style found in RS11/C424 and other locos and the motor appears different. Plugging in a Lenz 10331 decoder and setting CV's and speed table to my normal settings revealed that the motor has different characteristics  to the rest of the fleet(4xC420's 3xC424/5 and 6xRS11/36). There was no parts sheet but I've plenty any way. I know it's not a big issue, I've played around with the speed table to get a fairly close match to my other Atlas/Lenz locos but it's the first time one that didn't match others straight out of the box. Anyway look out soon for another Alco on the R&W fleet!

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