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Blog- Stainsby Mills - The Turntable

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A friend from my local model railway club did me the immense favour of building me a rather nice turntable. Its a Metalsmith kit and has now been both located within the baseboards, and also powered up. The motor is driven by a DCC concepts TS decoder from the MPD Bus, the same bus which also feeds the power to the track on the bridge. I did wonder if I should have run the motor decoder from the points Bus, hmmm?


Unfortunately I have discovered a problem where my poor bridge shorts about half way around. Its been a long day and right now, i cant for the life of me figure out what to do.


Post in RMWeb for more rational minds me thinks... and i now how to work out how to post pictures on my blog which are bigger than 1MB. Guess I need a Flickr account then...


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