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Blog- ROSSPOP's Blog - COLE project 1a. Saga of an LMS 3F for the S&D.

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Having just retired it has been time to take stock of all my modelling work achieved over the past 15 years. For the last 5 years have moved up to 7mm work but I have decided to return to a 1950`s S&D project started way back in 2003. Having then been impressed and influenced by the introduction of quality RTR BR Standard loco`s from Bachmann and Hornby reletively easily converted to my chosen guage of 18.83, I had almost given up toiling over converting suitable etched kits or making chassis kits for older RTR offerings, believing that my kit built stock were`nt detailed enough.<br /> Having not touched the project for 5 years , I dug out my loco stock which were last worked on back in 2005/2006. It`s amazing how the passage of time and progress that has been made in railway modelling, particularly in electronic control and sound. Any how it was time for decision making. Personally I feel the best days in RTR may have past since I started converting rigid chassis to P4. Back then most of the Bachmann and Hornby chassis had one driven axle that was sprung......Jinty.....Standard 2-6-4 Tank....Black 5......BOB Class and all were purchased for between 50 and 60 pounds from Hattons... Oh happy days!!<br /> My decision was to upgrade all my RTR locos that ran on the S&D to DCC Sound and was lucky enough to discover the excellent Zimo decoders and Sugar cube speakers..<br /> Then I blew the dust of my kit built stock and decided they had a quality of their own and were worth hard wiring to sound , particularly as Zimo decoders are now small enough for small boilered loco`s..........<br /> The saga starts with my favourite..... a Maygib 3F..........<div id='attach_wrap' class='rounded clearfix'>

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