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7mm WR Garden Railway in the late 60's early 70's


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Hi all,


I haven't posted anything on here for a while so i thought i would share my planned garden railway.


This project has been on-going for a while now so i will post pics of when i started and gradually arrive at the stage i am at now.


My plan is to have a garden railway set in the late 60's / early 70's and from the Western Region. This is so i can run my favourite locos Class 52 Westerns :no: .I will also have Class 45 and Class 46 Peaks plus Class 47's and Class 42 Warships. The stock will range from Mk1's and Mk2's, Mk1 sleepers , TPO's , Parcels , Motorail's , Breakdown Train and a small amount of freight ie 12ton box vans etc.


This is because eventually i will have a 36' x 10' shed at the bottom of the garden where i will build a layout based on Penzance in the space available.


OK enough waffling here are some pics from the start.






This shows concrete posts being put in down the edge of the lawn. This will be built up by railway sleepers and in-filled with soil so that planting can take place.






The railway will pas through this wall and then curve round to the left .






The last couple of pics show the posts being put in around the top of the garden. The route of the railway will travel from the fancy wall and go from right to left in the last pic. Showing in the pic before the last cuving round and will run down the edge of the fence.


More to follow. :no:






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OK the next set of pics show the route will follow the edge of the garden along the fence , going behind the greenhouse.






The next pic show looking back up the garden. :no:




The route will then curve round the edge of the pond and will cross a viaduct .






The railway will sit on top of the brickwork around the pond and the route of the viaduct can be seen in the last pic looking back towards the pond.





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Then it goes around the bottom of the garden and joins up with the section at the start of this thread running up the side of the lawn.




Now the story behind this is that there is quite a bit more to show ( which i will do ) but the original board that i had put down had to be re-placed as it hwd de-laminated ( this was Phenolic Ply ) which is supposed to be great for out door work and wasn't cheap.


So here are some pics of that stage.












The next stage to this was i put roofing felt down and some track. :no:



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This had been down for about 18 months well less probably but i am now using some board called Medite Tricoya.Plus i have altered slightly the way i was supporting the boards. I am now using 4" x 2" between each post and using stainless steel screws down the centre of the boards.


There are two galvanised brackets bolted through the posts so they will pull against each other if any serious weight is put on them.


OK onto the stage where i am at now.









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This is more or less where i am todate.I have started to fit the new boards down the side of the lawn and will get roofing felt and track on asap then i will feel that i am back to where i was before i had to take it up. Although i have done a lot more around the garden than i had. 


I will post up-dates on this project as soon as i have anything to report. :no:


But as its p"**"*g it down here i guess that wont be for a while.


Hope you like.


Rob :no:

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Looking good, it's a big task and looks like you've broken the back of the hardest part. I'm jealous, the biggest mistake I made was relinquishing my running rights in the garden 30 years ago to put a new lawn down, it's definitely the best way of running 0 Gauge, unless you have a huge room.


From a colleagues outdoor layout I know there's nothing better than watching full length trains running by, with a glass of something in your hand.


Is there a proposed trackplan?

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Well I promised I'd pop by and give y'all a look  :bye: nice to see your progress and hope it goes better this time around, it was a shame to have to see you pull your old boards up.


I keep looking at my garden, no where near as big as yours but could get a circuit in, but will need some 'negotiating' where the track bed would pass over the new decking LOL.


Keep up the good work.



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HAving operated a friend's garden layout over a number of years I can see this will be interesting to operate. On a nice afternoon what could be nicer than running trains with friends.


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