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Endbourne - a modular use of the Ikea APA boxes


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Ikea APA box layout, another one !!! groans from many, as many of us are aware this is not a new or novel idea, there are many on this forum, which of many are very good and inspiring, I have had 4 of the Ikea APA boxes in my possession for a good few months, I have been milling ideas around my head about what to do with them, I have always been interested in the station of Bourne End on the Maidenhead - Marlow line, so this project is loosely based on the Bourne End plan.


The track plan allows for branch line workings of DMUs into the bay platform, or from the branch back onto the main platform where trains can then reverse in the other direction, and vice versa when DMUs come in on the main line, I say main line a bit tongue in cheek as this model will depict a station that used to be served by a double track line that has been reduced to a single line, but the passing loop and head shunts have been left in place for the odd loco worked train, just for operational interest really.


There are restrictions in using the Ikea APA storage box the dimensions of the box frame is  Length: 27 1/2 " Depth: 14 1/8 " Height: 11 3/8 ". Length: 70 cm. Depth: 36 cm. Height: 29 cm, so I have planned to put together 6 of theses in 3 modules of 2 boxes, each module will be made up of 2 boxes permanently joined together, then the 3 units will be joined by a temporary system that can be easily taken apart once the running session is over, I also plan to build a fiddle yard that will have approximately  6 or 7 storage lines on it, I also hope to build this layout so it can be transported easily for exhibition purposes, so in total the length of the layout will approximately 15' scenic plus 5 & 1/2' fiddle yard


Below I have attached a simple track plan of the layout, the layout will be wired for DCC, the track used wil be Tillig's Code 83 flexi track, any comments good or bad, or criticism is very welcome.


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Hi Jinty, well it is coming into the Wet & Windy Welsh Winter, and definitely feels like it this week, so it is project time, and these boxes keep tempting me to do something, also when I get going on these, it will help me to get my Wellboring project dusted off and finished at the same time hopefully.


Happy modelling


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