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Blog- On The Workbench - Reviving an old project - and a new one

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Many moons ago I described the start of a test track - since then its at at the back of a shelf until uncovered in a workshop re-org. So I blew the dust off - literally. At the same time I uncovered some 'O' gauge 'bits' that I'd salvaged from an old club layout to serve the same purpose:-




(The 'O' Gauge test track is at the rear if you were wondering :blum: )


My test tracks have to serve two purposes - a) test rolling-stock - so they need at least one point with a lead long enough to take any rollingstock I'm likely to build and as some of that stock will be built for sale (as per the 'Jinty' on the 'O' gauge) they must act as a photoshoot location - ie need some scenics.




The 'EM' goes first. The ground falls away sharply at the front of the scene. with a deep culvert passing beneath the sidings. Intention is to 'recreate' a scene on a derelict sidings somewhere - rough ground, the sidings supported on a brick/stone embankment.


The basic building-block is high-density urethane foam designed for insulation. Easy & clean to work -




the first step is to cut a rebate to accept the 9mm ply trackbed. gently carved until




It fits!


The foam is then cut vertically to begin the representation of the embankment, and the ground in front hacked away.




Last job for the evening - clear up the mess - but that's no chore!




Tomorrow I'll sort out the rest of the scenic profile with a small surform. That WILL be messy - hence the wait for daylight and working outside!





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