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Brush Type 2 - Hornby

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The “super detail” version of the Hornby 31 doesn’t exactly have a perfect CV. Apart from the unfortunate historical chassis issues, the accuracy of the cab area is definitely questionable with many preferring the Lima or Airfix shells as a starting point. I understand their thinking but I don’t find the Hornby offering too objectionable.
This one came to me as a very good deal but with the clear knowledge it was something of a dockyard job. It had a badly fitted buffer which might be a repair and some dodgy running and weird lighting effects. Getting the shell off at least explained the running and lights. The PCB had either been rewired or replaced at some stage – badly. Found a wiring diagram on here and after an hour or so’s work with meter and iron we were thankfully back in business.
For all the 31’s issues the one thing you can’t complain about is the paint job. I could easily have kept that but really like the rather quirky green, FYE, double arrow and revised font for the number livery. A number in this guise arrived on the WR as replacement for the Hymeks and that’s how I remember them.
So to the repaint renumber bit. It's fairly obvious what I've done but in the second shot you can see the replacement headcode and glazing. The Hornby one is basically clear plastic with the code printed on the front, a bit basic for a model with sprung buffers, opening doors and working fan. The bit of tape under the numbers acts as a guide, doesn't guarantee perfection but does help. Final pics are progress to date. I've repainted the roof as they seem to weather a fair bit, this will be finished off with the final weathering.

Apologies for setting things out like but can't insert an image into the text. Upate as and when









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