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Hornby Circuit Boards.....


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Evening all....


I wondered if a cleverer individual than me (not difficult) could tell me why...Hornby seem to supply a vast myriad of components on there circuit boards I have two sat in front of me....one has more resistors and capacitors and diodes than you can shake a stick at and even has 4 extra holes next to the DCC socket... the other has an 8 pin socket and even a little pin chip on it again with its myriad of components....


compare that to vi-trains and Bachmann and Heljan who seem to get away with minimal components....


is there something im missing....is there some functionality to these components, in this world of heftily priced models....is this an expensive luxury.....wouldn't it be ironic if they were actually DCC chips!!!!


Are these the "quartic steering device" of the model world?


this has been bugging me for ages....


Any ideas?

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