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Help with 11t Hibberd Planet


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I've read through all those threads. In fact, I am now the proud owner of the Atlas conversion.


I've gone through the instructions for the 4mm scale kit and found some good end photos. I think I just need a couple of good reasonably square-on side photos and I think I can extrapolate a basic working drawing based on known dimensions - wheelbase, wheel diameter, buffer height, etc.

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Being such a small prototype, it has occurred to me that if anyone were ever to make a kit of this wee beastie, that it should be made largely from pewter castings, and probably could do with considerable lead-weighting. Although, I seriously wonder how much room there is for weighing the model as the tiny body will probably be mostly full of motor, flywheel and gearbox.


Out of interest:

Metal - Grams per cubic centimetre

Lead - 11.34

Brass - 8.4 (varies)
Tungsten - 19.6

Whitemetal - 7.1
Steel 7.85


Looking at the relative densities of various metals, lead would still be best. I used to hammer lead fishing weights to shape to fit other models.

Gold - 19.3 (but would make the model extremely theft-prone!)

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I'm doing a couple of short courses in 3D CAD drawing over the Christmas Holidays. My plan is to have a crack at drawing up the 11t Hibberd Planet. I might then see if I can get someone to cast the body in pewter and produce a body kit. I'm also looking at getting another company to supply a suitable mechanism for it, possibly Hollywood foundry, or something from NWSL such as their "Magic Carpet Drive"

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