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Atlas Gold series


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The HO GP40 loco has a QSI Quantum system Q1a sound decoder. It works perfectly well with a Gaugemaster Prodigy system, but if I attempt

to use it on my small layout equipped with the Bachmann E-Z  DCC controller it either remains unresponsive or ticks over and then moves at constant speed without responding at all to the controller. This controller works OK with DCC only locos and will work with the new sound-equipped Bachmann S2 diesels in HO, though sometimes these locos suddenly go up to full speed- though this is an intermittent problem. I know that these decoders

require extra power, but the E-Z unit does work with the 'cheapie' sound units. Grateful for any suggestions!

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Don't know about the GP40 or the EZ unit but I can tell you that my Atlas Gold D8-39B works fine with an NCE Powercab.


Running light it pulls a max 0.25 amps on 14.5 volts.


I was under the inpression the EZ command was 15 volts and 1 amp so I would have thought it would operate a Gold loco.


Maybe you need to get the output of the EZ checked.

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