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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street - Ivatt Class 4 Part 2 Or How to Turn a Purse into a Pigs Ear

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Well its the start of the New year, and I managed to celebrate by actually doing some more modelling, and yes gluing my fingers together a couple of items. god I love super glue.


Anyway while other members of

the household, who will remain nameless lay in slumber I set about my on-going attempt to convert a springside std 4 into an Ivatt class 4.


Its still early days in the process, but in certain areas I think it's beginning to take shape, even if that shape is not exactly what I intended when I set out.




Most of the work so far has been completed with the use of my trusty files and laminations of 10 thou plasti-card, once I have the majority of the work done it will be time to get the model filler out to work on some of the joins.




Even though it does not look like it in the photographs the chimney is on straight, to build it up after filling the original single one into shape, I grafted some plastic onto it and the shaped it until it resembled the required shape, all I have to do now is add the lip and the final shaping.




For the chassis I have tried to get away with as little modification as possible, so for the moment I have just reduced the height if the cylinders by filling them down, but I may do a little more on this. As you can see there is still a lot to do, as it seems I'm at that stage where completing one little job just crates more new ones even if most of the new jobs are just figuring out how parts that that are not even intended for this model, are still managing to glue themselves to me :)


Still at least I have the saving grace that the model will only need to finished in simple un-lined black, I mean what can possibly go wrong????


Until Next time as ever Happy Modelling :)

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