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  1. 8 hours ago, Michael Hodgson said:


    TR Track Relay (NB track circuit is energised when the track is unoccupied, so that it fails safe in the event of power cut etc)

    TSR Track Stick Relay

    GR  SiGnal Relay


    BS376   part 2 ... abbreviations explained after a fashion, and it shows standard symbols as well



    Hi Michael,


    Thank you for the link to BS 376, I did try to find a copy yesterday without success, I shall have a read over the followings days and see if I can lift my knowledge base from none existent to a basic understanding. Thanks once again.



  2. 15 hours ago, LNERGE said:

    A very quick sketch and literally a screen shot. I will try to answer any questions. 


    Hi, thanks for that .... it's made me feel a bit stupid because I'm not at all sure what you've shown me:blush: I've gathered that 1 GR and B TSR are relay coils but it's not clear what the three circuits are doing and I'm not sure what the notations TR/TSR/GR are referring to, I'm assumming that the V and the inverted V are perhap contact points?



  3. 8 hours ago, martin_wynne said:


    Thanks. Every day is a school day. :)





     Hi Matin,


    I do enjoy it when you get the maths out ......... R = 1 / ( 1-COS(12) ), I bet I haven't seen that for fifty years;-)


    quick edit, I had to punch the numbers into a calculator to see if it worked ... happy days!



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  4. 38 minutes ago, roundhouse said:

    The layout is set up at the Warrington show.

    Whilst we have tested the EMU's last night, this is the first item to run this morning.


    Is that a "Battle Space turbo Car"? I do hope that you have added DCC Sound and jet flame at the back ..................... just thinking about the sound, perhaps it's not necessary because .... in space no one can hear you scream!


    Have a good show.



  5. Loved the Ted Lowe quotes "and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green" and the one that was a little risky "Fred Davis, the doyen of snooker, now 67 years of age and too old to get his leg over, prefers to use his left hand"



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  6. On 23/09/2021 at 10:06, Dr Gerbil-Fritters said:

    Some while ago, the Gare de la Bastille appeared.  




    Thanks to those fantastic folk at https://www.regionsetcompagnies.fr/, now eminently modellable in HO scale.










    Possibly the most exquisite kit of a station I've ever seen.

    Wow, that, in my humble opinion, is absolutely superb ...... and I would assume very expensive. Having looked at the web site for regions et compagnies I came across this, perhaps a little over the top for loco stabling at minories;


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  7. 12 minutes ago, Harlequin said:

    There's one further electrical job to do before I move on to the scenics: The 7805 that converts 15V down 5V is too hot, wasting too much power. I'm going to have to replace it with an electronic switching version and that means making up a small circuit using a 7805 replacement IC, some caps, diodes and an inductor.



    Hi Phil,


    I was a little confused with that statement, I thought the 7805 is a regulator, purpose made to reduce the voltage but then it dawned on me, perhaps not so efficient at it's job. Perhaps the following wil be an adequate replacement;




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  8. 36 minutes ago, BoD said:

    Gordon’s funeral is next Wednesday, the 4th August.  Message me if you would like more details.


    For those who have asked,  the family are asking for donations in lieu to the Oxford hospital that has treated Gordon over the years.  More details to follow once it has been set up.

    Hi BoD,


    Thank you for keeping us updated about Gordon over the past months. You ask for us to message you for further details but perhaps my fellow subscribers to this thread, the same as I would ask that whereas you have told us that his funeral will take place on Wednesday could we ask you to inform us of the time. I would like to mark it with respect and a few minutes of silent contemplation!


    Thank you


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  9. 15 minutes ago, Wayne Kinney said:

    Try blackening the flangeway of the cast crossing, and then polishing the tops and sides of the 'rail' on the casting.


    Hi Wayne, I have never built a turnout, well perhaps one but since it didn't work we can't include that one;-) so I have never built a turnout but I am looking forward to giving these ago. You mention "blackening the flangeway of the cast crossing" ... with what are we to blacken this with, most people will probably know the answer but I don't!




  10. 22 hours ago, BoD said:

    Sadly Gordon passed away earlier this morning. 

    Very sad news.


    I’m not quite sure what to say other than, I do hope that Jackie can take some comfort in the knowledge that Gordon was a much loved member of the RMweb community and that he will be greatly missed.


    I also want to take this opportunity to thank BoD for keeping us informed about Gordon.



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  11. I too am totally choked by this, can't get it out of my mind since BoD announced it. We communicated a little over the years and Gordon gave me lots of tips, a genuinely nice guy, such a shame. I certainly didn't expect it to go down like this, I hope he bounces back!


    My love to Gordon’s family and friends

    Best regards


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  12. 18 hours ago, 08221 said:

    I was one of those lucky enough to be selected to test build one of the FinetraX OO-SF point kits. Postie knocked on my door and proffered me a substantial cardboard box containing the kit, well wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it.


    The kits is professionally presented in its packaging.





    The kit I received was the B7 left hand standard turnout kit, OO-SF with code 75 Bullhead rail. The components of the kit are below, comprising 1 x turnout base, 1 x cast V crossing,  sufficient code 75 Bullhead rail including 2 switch blades which are pre-formed and a tie bar.




    The first thing I did was to solder a wire to the bottom of the V crossing, then I glued the V crossing into its aligning holes in the sleeper base.4.jpg.54afd148283004cbf8a4658fe5c59493.jpg



    Next, I cut the 2 check rails to length and slid them into position on the sleeper base.



    Next I cut the 2 rails to length to fit against the V crossing and slid them into place, taking care to leave a small gap between each rail and the V crossing.




    The next step was to attach one of the switch blades into its slot in the tie bar.




    The switch blade was them marked off where it meets the V crossing, cut to length and slipped into place - again taking care to leave a small gap.




    This process was repeated with the second switch blade.





    Finally, the 2 stock rails were cut to length and slipped into position.  Wires were soldered underneath to bond each stock rail to its neighbouring switch blade.




    That completed construction - what a pleasure it was to build this kit! From opening the package to the completed point took me about 1 hour of work, its far more fun building pointwork this way than using copperclad sleepers and rail which I have done on my OO-SF layout.


    The kit is very well designed, goes together extremely well and does not require a high skill level - just take care when measuring the rail to the required lengths and get the rails ends clean with a small file and you can't go wrong! Only basic tools are required - I used a circular rail cutter, a hand file, flat nose pliers, tweezers, a ruler and a soldering iron - nothing too special!


    Thanks very much to Wayne for producing this kit and for allowing me to do a test build. This kit and the whole range of products deserves to be a game changer for those of us who seek realism on our layouts. I greatly enjoyed the experience and its got me thinking of ways I can use this track system on a new layout in the future!


    This is an excellent review ..... makes me want to have a go!

    As Dave also mentioned, what is your opinion regarding curvature of the turnout ..... do you think it would be relatively easy to curve?




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  13. Hi Gordon .... can I have the..., only joking of course!


    We all know that at sometime in the future life comes to an end, three score years and ten was the norm at one time, both my parents passed at that age so what hope for me but life style changes and the three score years and ten is easily surpassed nowadays and a healthy attitude can help. Is the glass half full  or half empty?


    I think you are very prudent to catalogue all your stock, the same as having your affairs in order, it doesn't mean your going to pass away tomorrow but rather less to be concerned about which is less of a pressure, why put of until tomorrow what you can do today?


    Sure you have a big operation looming and I certainly hope all goes well with it but I also think you have a very positive attitude and from what you have said previously you'll have a good team undertaking the op ..... you'll be fine and if you start to doubt it just remember the Monty Python song "always look on the bright side of life" !


    All the best


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  14. Just my just my tuppenceworth, and I haven’t built jack yet! I’ve been considering 00-SF for sometime but now I’m finding myself to be attracted to EM for the improved look from the wider gauge. However, there is a problem in committing to EM gauge and that is the time it will take to modify the RTR locos and stock that I have collected, to say nothing about the cost and complexity of the conversions. I’ve just looked up (searched) the conversion of Bachmann 4TC to EM Gauge ... seems rather extensive, not just pulling the wheels out, and also the cost of an Ultrascale wheel set for the Bachmann class 08 Diesel Shunter … Ouch! EM looks nice but so too does 00-SF which is what I think the majority of modellers will probably stick with, including myself ….. when I eventually pull my finger out!



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  15. Hi Gordon,


    Thankyou for getting back to me;

    1 hour ago, gordon s said:

     Of course having built 70 turnouts for ET, it’s too late to even consider a change.

    I certainly wasn't suggesting that you rip it up and start again ........ that'd be crazy;)


    1 hour ago, gordon s said:

     If I can get things running in an acceptable manner, then I’m happy to live with the compromises.

    I think I'd be over the moon if I could achieve half of what you have achieved with ET, it's looking superb!


    Good luck with the reset of the build.




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  16. Hi Gordon,


    Nice to see you building some more S&C, they look fantastic. I haven't got round to building anything for myself yet, I'm still building the house and if that goes much slower we'll be going backwards but enough of that and back to your trackwork, as I say it looks fantastic, 00 gauge SF 16.2mm at the crossings, did you ever consider EM gauge? I'm not having a dig or anything I just interested to know what stopped you going that route. Of course EM gauge would necessitate the adjustment of wheels on your locos and rolling stock but I can't see that fazing you too much having seen you messing about quartering(*) the wheels of a 9F a few years ago. Nevertheless, ET looks superb and I am eagerly awaiting the signalling plan, I think you’ve mentioned previously that you would have to brush up your knowledge of signalling but I’m sure there are plenty of experts on RMweb that will be only too willing to give advice.


    (*) I hope that’s the correct term!


    Keep up the good work and very best wishes for the New Year


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