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  1. Sorry to hear of your woes, Tom.  I trust it's sorted.  Do you want to send me some wagon CAD and see what quote I get for the print hub at the factory Rails of Sheffield use?  It will be SLA.


    The pricing structure has been revised, so I reckon it's worth finding out what a wagon costs.  If you have orders to make up a small batch, this might work out economic and less hassle for you. 

  2. Like your medical clearing station

    1. truffy


      Do you mean 'I like...', as a compliment, or 'just like...', as a comparison? Or...?

    2. Edwardian


      Wasn't even trying to "update status". I must be new here ....

    3. Mikkel


      I could have sworn it was from a Leonard Cohen song.

  3. Hi,


    I hope you don't mind me getting in touch and offering unsolicited comment.


    I continue to admire your growing range of 4mil coaching stock and rail motors, but I remain unconvinced by WSF, particularly as I have seen much better materials, and because Shapeways prices are simply not sustainable, particularly now I find I can buy smooth resin prints from hubs or traders with Photon machines at a fraction of the cost. 


    I wonder, then, if you had any plans to go down this route?


    I do, as any alternative, have a means of getting SLA resin prints done even more competitively via a local factory. 


    I'd like to help you out, if this is of interest, but my motives are not unselfish; I'd like to see your product in a smooth material and at a price point that means I can become a regular customer. 


    If you want to try out the local printer, I can arrange that. I am sufficiently serious that I would fund a test print - something small, like a 4-wheel coach - and you can either reimburse me and sell it, or let me bear the cost and keep it. 


    Alternatively, if you already have the ability to print in resin at the sort of prices I'm seeing elsewhere, please do let me know because I am interested in quite a number of things in your range. 





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