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  1. I do like that. The more I ponder over my next build the more I think points are overrated.
  2. I'm afraid I'm too lazy to repost all my pictures so here is a reminder...
  3. Thanks Mr Arrow, I do need to start adding some figures including the guy with a briefcase to hide my lighting cable..... Another shot from yesterday.
  4. The end is nigh, just need to add some platform detail. A few pictures with a Welsh flavour after buying a duff Welsh class 121 that I managed to de-duff
  5. Hope the show goes well. John G is my wife's uncle and every year we say we must go to the show. At least I can boast driving a Lister on the line the 80s before it became anything like it is today.
  6. Thanks N. I have to say it's the first time I've built something that I enjoy operating. Think I would like to try an inglenook or tuning fork style layout.
  7. Not a lot to show for a month but less Christmas time than anticipated. Felt the portakabin with the orange door fitted better with BR vehicle. Really hate those ratio post holes but think it might look worse if tried to fill them. Hornby site hut may go in the warehouse. Should have checked clearances, the sliding door wagon can only enter one way and the cargowaggon misses a fence post by a mm at the tightest point. After a fence from the hut on the far left we are almost ready to glue details to the platform. PS glad the layout isn't any longer, trusty gaugemaste can't cope with the Dapol 121s for more than a run in and out....
  8. A lovely layout and pleased I'm glad I'm not the only one with ideas in their head they need to get down on a baseboard. I liked your holiday comment - the build up is the best part of Christmas and I always set myself a target (but not a layout in a week!).
  9. Thought it would be clever to take a picture of the fiddleyard entrance. It would have been if I hadn't knocked the Basetoys crew bus on to the floor breaking it into 4 pieces. Guess which way that's going to be parked!?!
  10. Bit of groundcover between the head shunt and platform but still no warehouse lights. One of those jobs that might have been easier if all the lighting had been done in one go. Thinking of using the area at the front as a gated pull in for some BR vehicles. The plan is for the horsehair to become a small bramble patch. Hopefully the second shot of the warehouse shows that the fiddleyard warehouse extension does actually line up (crooked in the last post).
  11. The layout is looking good. I think I have blue skies as I only (selectively) remember summer holidays of wall to wall sunshine! My wife is a farmer's daughter and assures me her summer holidays were when the weather broke and dad couldn't make hay... Keep posting, it's nice to watch layouts as they develop.
  12. Thank you big D, after looking through the warehouse siding I decided that extending it into the fiddleyard was needed too. I still need to get the lights into the warehouse and would like to get it permanently sited before Christmas kicks off.
  13. For once something went well, time for some ground (cork tile) cover.
  14. Decided I needed to complete the far corner before securing the industrial unit. A disused signal box may be a cliche but it was a good chance to use a box from 25 years ago. That said, the amount of butchering to fit made me wonder. Hoping to extend the scenery into the fiddle yard so playing around with backscene options, I think it works. The bay provided a parcels rail car. 55995 was certainly seen near Newport so could have run to my terminus from Cardiff. Another super runner.
  15. Loving the van, is that the Airfix kit or a continental rtr? (Or a scratch build?) Fancy one for Bridgwater yard.
  16. All done bar guttering. I have some micro LEDs so may add one above the fire exit door awell as internally . There is a packet of auhagen vents in the spares box so that has added a little variation. Next job is concrete base and fencing.
  17. The Legacy ballast I used to seemed to have names for "eras style", being after something relatively modern I didn't take much notice of whether the others were regional. Might be worth a look and I will be interested to hear responses on surface covering as it's one job I'm putting off!
  18. Started a half relief warehouse for the cider warehouse (Burnham) or pressings plant (Merthyr). Some plasticard and some bits from a walthers warehouse for sides and evergreen sheet for the roof. Originally thought it would be just a canopy but will be adding a wall support.. I plan to keep the facing side plain black, I assume there is no law against having a half relief building at the front of a layout?
  19. Looking good. I prefer your new ballast. You can now spend an age picking bits of your sleepers. I find it's one of the jobs that you can keep coming back to but time well spent. If I do larger areas of static grass I always multi layer. You can experiment with colours and lengths. The WWS videos are quick tutorials, he does some interesting work by scrubbing his fingers around laid but not dry grass. If you search war world scenics the videos are still there. I found them useful.
  20. Bit of work on the end hut and now 90% wired just waiting for a switched battery pack for the signal. Had to show off my new toy. I always envisaged the 121 being Berkshire somewhere but may be too pretty not to run to Burnham or Merthyr
  21. Look after yourself Kevin, I've just looked this up to see how you did your ground work given my poorly looking path on my train set.
  22. I wished my sleepers looked like that! My Legacy ballast came from Hereford Models at the Lydney show in September. Originally picked up,one tub but on their recommendation swapped a bag of granite chips for a second one. They do a range of colours. Glad I have a stock as I've only used half a tub so far.....enough to see me out as my nan would say...
  23. I've used legacy 2mm ballast and ballast bond glue. J found the glue to be more "controllable " with a drop of alcohol added to dilute further. Once you master the flow of the glue it worked really well. I found that being patient with the spreading of the ballast and careful use of a fine brush to clear sleepers was beneficial.
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