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  1. No matter where it is those Aifix figure look very good so life like.Straight out of an early 60's railway Modeller.Just noticed the Alan Downes church way in the distance
  2. I know I can get Archers from UK suppliers but Castles was Micro mark not Archers Cheers Simon
  3. Castle Did you get Decal sheet from a uk supplier Ive tried googling them but can only find USofA suppliers. They look very interesting I checked Archer rivets as everyone recomends them, but I'm unsure as to what sheets to order from them Whereas yours seem ideal Cheers Simon
  4. Stop whingeing you old git you need a night doon the bruny(Brunswick)
  5. I had to do a double take at first glance the shadow cast by the loco I could have sworn it had a big Tri-ang coupling
  6. I have to agree with the Drake the latest batch of photos are absolutely stunning.All just oozing atmosphere simply put, perfect
  7. No probs I've just aquired another couple of the old Airfix kits so I could have 58 and 60 to go with 59 and 7 and still have on left for one of the South Hetton locos
  8. I can thoroughy recommend RT's a lovely piece of kit to make up Now where's that Lambton cab says he ducking!!
  9. Mr Duck movement starts about ! min in .Must admit at first I thought Gilbert had recorded Pink Floyds "Alans psychadelic breakfast".Can we please have more clank from the WD. Thank you, young Mr Hitchcock
  10. Ha way lad you forgot the cap!!.My Grandpa was shaftsman (great job title ) at the Dolly shaft hence my love of Philadelphia.I was never botherd about the three pits in my home town of Seaham but if I could get into Phili yard I was like a pig in the proverbial
  11. Do I spy a Donkey jacket I wonder if it has N.C.B on the back!! They were a niffty shade of day-glo orange if I recall
  12. They look the part!! I moved to Ouston in the late seventies our house overlooked the main line when I saw them for the first time I remember thinking I wish I'd seen them with a 9F in front instead of a diesel, I was more interested in the Deltics, then in their last years and the H.S.T's still then very new.I wish I had bothered to photo the hoppers then as within a year or two Consett steel works ceased to be.The benefit of hindsight!! The mainline at Birtley was always busy stuff in and out of Tyne yard
  13. Mr Duck can you please confiscate Gilberts golf clubs(go on hide them I dare you) as there appears to be a shortage of photo's lately
  14. Stunning I wont start a debate about Mr Thompsons work but lately I have been drawn to his big locos thanks to the various threads on here I must keep taking the tablets thanks for sharing
  15. Looking fantastic, living in Colwyn Bay I'll certainly be watching this one
  16. Clumsy Moi!! no prizes guess who has just spent half an hour washing the carpet.Only spilt half a bottle of Carrs red solder flux . I only hope I got the spillage in time. OH B******S!! Sorry for shouting I feel better now. Now where was I clumsy moi. "why no man"
  17. Super pics as usual those birds dont half look like a squadron of spits peeling off to tackle the Hun only 18 years to late!!
  18. Re the weedkiller tank,there is a picture of the original loco taken about 1900, in "Industrial locomotives of Durham" plus a few of the electrics at Shields.The bible tells the tender loco was a former Blyth and Tyne loco.For anyone interested in industrial railways of the North East the aforementioned book is a must.Long out of print I aquired a v,g,c copy a couple of years ago from Amazon.I had been trying to get a copy for years.Every time I visited Tanfield I always missed a copy I think one of the authors had a lot to do with Tanfield when it started
  19. It was Dave Alexander with the Muttons as to DD I saw the original broadcast still as ugly as ever LOL he's hardly changed B good modeller though I saw a photo of him and Paul he's never changed either must be the water
  20. Dave sold me a Mainline J72 in 1980 and it was he that suggested I Join Birtley club.Has he still got the Mutton chop whiskers
  21. Applegarths was on Claypath in Durham he stocked allsorts.and yes the Trix A2 was fitted with double chimmney and renamed Bronzino has an early DJH chassis with portescap motor.One of Dave Dunns mates (Larry? the fireman) painted it and lined it for me
  22. I forgot about Northumbria Models and I new Chris very well (we were both members of Birtley Model railway Engineers club)originally he started at Forest Hall then moved into the city centre.There was also another shop in Sunderland I think called the "Railway king"? There was also Chippy's models more boats and planes but when he closed he had a good few Airfix railway kits I ended up buying about 15 Airfix brake vans as I was buying them he kept dropping the price I got some bargains that day without even haggling!!
  23. Applegarths in Durham I got my Trix Scotsman saved Christmas he did, (at least my dad did after been let down by Nu-Sto of Horden orderd in August he actually contacted dad to say it was in stock then let some one else have it) the next year it was the Trix A2 Applegarths again. Josephs in Sunderland more of a toy shop but they always had a model railway and had to be visited at Christmas time. Balmers Houghton-le-Spring always had Hornby Dublo and lots of Airfix kits Happy days
  24. Last night sitting at dining table managed to knock over a full bottle of liquid poly!!. I had read this topic a couple of hours beforehand. Good job it is a glass table, language was choice to say the least
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