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  1. Good moaning from a sunny Charente. In tardis land it's now 21st April 2019. We were on board MS Noordam and were heading out towards the Pacific. I suppose that the next picture does include a bridge that had railway tracks over it. and I just couldn't resist this picture/ I'll probably never get the chance to see it again. Our next stop was in New Caledonia which is an overseas department of France. At least we were able to speak to the locals and enjoyed it. It was weird though to see everyday signs of France. including the road works contractors. Then on to Fiji and the main island where we docked near a large sugar mill. In the morning we walked into town but I was allowed out in the afternoon as I had spotted railway tracks. Outside the mill, many railway looking things. An extensive fan of storage sidings with trucks on them. They obviously use demountable bodies here. And what was obviously the first class carriage. I love the corrugated iron roof. It's now the 27th April 2019. Jamie
  2. Some good news on a BBC report this morning. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-61365365 I'm not sure how they've done it but there has been some good work and electrified as well. Jamie
  3. Hi Mark, the coupling etch arrived safely at my daughters and is now in France. Thanks. Jamie
  4. Not that I know of. It was included in a talk about the so called, 'small engine' policy that he gave to an HMRS meeting some years ago. Looking at the engeering, economic and other factors that influenced policy. Eg the fact that most sheds were roundhouses with limited length turntables. Jamie
  5. The same applied on the Settle and Carlisle which was built in the same era. It wasn't the big stone built viaducts but the smaller cattle ccreeps and farm crossings. These had to be rebuilt to cope with larger locos such as the Royal Scots. Dave Hunt has a lot of the details. I think that a lot of it was due to the introduction of what might be called, scientific design, rather than rule of thumb by masons who learned their trade on canals. Dave gave a very interesting talk about this and the weight per foot was a factor. Jamie
  6. And still is. They were relaying some track when I rode the system and I was able to see but not photograph some of the gubbins involved, Jamie
  7. Good moaning from a sunny Charente. Just before our latest trip to the UK I had an hour or so on Niort station. Nothing of great interest but these were all seen. An 81XXX bi mode coming in from Saintes. Passengers were able to connect into this, a double deck TGV heading for Paris Montparnasse. Then one of the reliveried Atlantique sets came in heading to La Rochelle. Jamie
  8. Good moaning from the Charente. Yes the tardis is still in Sidney, NSW and it's still 20th April 2019. Whilst at Central station there was plenty to see. Thus was one of the local EMU's. Not a flightless bird with Rod Hull stuck up it. And an Inter City branded DMU I think. This map shows just how extensive the network is. I then rode a train over the bridge and up to a station on the north side of the harbour where a new Metro line was going to connect A train was on test but this is the best that I could do in terms of a photo. Then back to town and more photos of the tram line under construction on one of the main streets. It's now Easter Sunday and we had been invited to attend a televised service in the Opera House so went over and saw the sunrise that morning from inside 1that world famous icon. I even managed a photo. A very memorable morning. We were even served Hot Cross buns outside and on the other side of Circular Quay was what was to be our home for the next 4 weeks. MS Noordam. The bridge is just to the right and our hotel off to the left. Jamie
  9. Thanks. It had 004 on the front so I think that must make it a 745/0 then. Thanks again. Jamie
  10. Further to Ron's report above. I've just got back from a trip to the UK. Unfortunately I didn't cross any HS2 works but i have had chance to to update my graphs of the tunnelling progress. All three are doing well. Jamie
  11. Bon Apres midi from a warm Charente. Back from the UK after a stupid o'clock start this morning time to continue with the tale. It's still April 2019 in tardis land and we are in Sydney NSW. In fact it's the 19th April. On the way back from Circular Quay to the hotel this work on a new tram line was visible. Right under Circular Quary station. The next day we headed out to the Zoo as we'd seen no Australian wildlife on out travel's so far. One of the Manly ferries was waiting. The following day we headed over to Manly where apparently my brother lived for a few months when BOAC posted him and his family there to operate the eastern end of their routes. This was the other ferry heading i to Manly as we headed back with Sydney Heads in the background. Beth went back to the hotel but I got permission to go for a train trip. This is Circular quay station on the central loop. I then got a train to Central station and found a XPT in the platform preparing to set off to Brisbane. It looked sort of familiar. And the power car at the other end. Jamie
  12. Good afternoon from the Charente. This morning we were still in the UK staying at Stanstead Airport before a flight out at stupid o'clock this morning, courtesy of Ryanair. Walking the short walk from the hotel to the terminal this happened to be in the platform alongside us and it would have been rude not to take a photo of the first Stadler Flirt that I've ever seen. My sheer devotion to the ancient art of trainspotting at 05.15 should I feel be commended, especially as my slight detour to take the photo did not go down well with my other half. Anyway can anyone on this forum help me by telling me what class this is. I want to underline it in my new combine. Jamie
  13. No we are trying to finish a bottle of wine that we got given as a rather delayed Christmas present, that we don't want to take on the plane. It's a hard life. Jamie
  14. I don't have any editing software with me so am limited as to what I can upload but I did try a photo from the depths of the cutting near the tunnel mouth. It does provide a different viewpoint. Therecwere still plenty of 185's in evidence though All very different from when I used to have a cuppa with the signalman at 2 in the morning when I was a youngish bobby, watching the peak hauled newpaper trains came through. 3 of them that together formed the Red Bank empties next afternoon. Jamie
  15. Don't know and couldn't comment. Jamie
  16. Back in the UK again for a vosit. Whilst family vosits have taken up most of my time, I dud get a bit of time trackside yeasterday. I spent a pleasant hour at Morley Low and watched Northern and TPE services. First off the new order cometh. 195 132 heading towards Huddersfield. Then a TPE 802 heading the same way. The older order was still in evidencecthough with a 4 carc158bworking towards Leeds. Jamie
  17. I can report that the first Eccles cake of the trip was consumed today and it tasted mighty fine. Jamie
  18. There was no loading bank at Lancaster. The yard was right next to the siding and had to be loaded from ground level unfortunately. They must have done OK as Yates' had the contract to supply all the navvy camps on the Settle and Cariisle line presumably by rail to such places as Settle, Ingleton, Tebay and Penrith, then road transport. They may have been able to load some directly from drays into wagons but there would have been some from ground level. As to the incoming van traffic that was confirmed to me by two sources who worked at Woodlesford Station and Bentley's brewery that had sidings. I'd never considered the incoming goods for the tied houses. Jamie
  19. Just as a matter of interest, does anyone know how casks would be loaded from ground level into wagons without a crane. Also from some research that I did for an earlier layout. Most brewery sidings handled wagons ofvincoming loads such as hops and also vanloads of spirits for distribution to tied houses. Thus allowinf Scottish and Southern vans to appear. Jamie
  20. That photo is great resource material for me. I haveca brewery store and yard to create front and centre on mybLancaster layout. I've got some ideacof what fences andcgates I need but this photo gives me some very good ideas. The idea of wome good 3D prints is excellent. I would certainly contribute and buy some. The rangevof sizes visible is interesting. Jamie
  21. A few years ago an embankment near Warrington was built with expanded polystyrene blocks and is now carrying trains. Jamie
  22. Yes thete is a conglomerate that looks after them along with the treacle mi e, the jam butty mine and the broken biscuit repair factory. Jamie
  23. I have a vague memory that a second storey was a sign that the owner had done the Haj pilgimage to Mecca. Jamie
  24. A certain former met commissioner lost the plot in a control room with fatal consquences for a tube passenger. Jamie
  25. There are some more of my Egyption photos on my European and rest of the world thread. One thing that was told to us was that many buildings are left looming unfinished with reinforcing rods sticking out to avoid paying local taxes. The photos are all on page 4 of my thread if you follow the link in my signature. Jamie
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