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  1. Hello there I love what you've done, I made up a short rake of Hornby Teaks a few years ago (with the intention of going back to them once my garden railway bug wears off) made with a combination of MJT and Dart castings added to the under frames and a few other bits. They're on my blog somewhere. I really look forward to seeing what you do going forward. Flush windows, or their close approximation can be gotten from SE Finecast for old Hornby teaks. They're vacuum form mind and getting them to fit was a slight pain but the overall effect is an improvement.
  2. Some lovely modelling going on there. I'm doing a NE based shed scene myself and was wondering where you got your point levers from?
  3. Thank you man, incidently, I have a Black 5 waiting to be turned into Henry thanks to you. I'm really happy for it, however the different between humbrol and lifecolor is evident when you compare it to my older models. This is a little bit lighter and browner than my oters. This is no bad thing as engines weathered differently at any rate. The cab is alright but again I'd probably protect the inked bits next time as they did run and ruin it slightly.
  4. Hello, I would like to ask if the LNER or NER used any bogie brake vans. If so would anyone have any images or links to images? For the record, BG, Newspaper, Parcel and Pigeon vans, I know about. Just there's one in the background of the new BRM magazine that looks a little 'NER' - if you get my drift and it got me curious as to any possible prototype.
  5. Sylvian Tennant

    J27 #4 - Done

    The J27 is finally done. This was my first time using Lifecolor paints (the odd Vajello and Humbrol paint was used) and I think the effort mostly paid off. As I don't possess an airbrush nor have a real interest in airbrushing at the moment this has been done entirely by hand. I have to say I am quite impressed by this. I had a couple of issues but that was mainly down to my lack of experience with this range. Any issues were quickly rectified and actually improved on the effects. The cab is removable for ease of maintenance and removal of the chassis. The paints dried with no real streaking which was awesome. There are still a lot of imperfections but that's down to my building skills rather than the paint. I also may have been a little heavy handed and lost the emblem but it's a freight loco and I think it's due for an overhaul. I
  6. Here's my latest pair of 009 Pugbashes, going back to the basic with plasticard and some old Dapol kits.I really wished they could release the other kits from Kitmaster :'( ]
  7. Hi there chaps I was recent reminiscing about some old magazines I had which have sadly been lost to years, house moves and general overuse to the point of destruction. One such was was Model Railway Enthusiast June 1996. In it was an article written about one of the Prison Wardens in Dartmoor who built some wonderful caricatures of Steam Locomotives which he sold off for charities. I am curious to see if there is any further information about the loco's he built and what has happened to them in recent year and if he is still building them. The chaps name was John Massey, I believe.
  8. I am building two narrow gauge loco, both saddle tanks with bunkers just ahead of the cab. I know one bunker (generally on the fireman's side) would contain coal. However , after looking locomotives such as Talyllyn locomotives, the other bunker is usually blanked with a cap over it. Can anyone enlighten me on the use for this bunker.
  9. So, I've managed to get the paint work done on the tram. As I've decided to devise my own railway for it, I took some personal liberties such as the purple motif on the side skirts. The lining is far from the best, but I used what I had to hand, a white gel pen which I've used on larger projects such as the 16mm scale wagons. But, it'll do and show what can be done with materials I had to hand. I wanted to pt the name of the railway but I couldn't find my gold gel pen so instead I just give it a number with some transfers I had to hand from a previous commission. It's the number of the first house I lived in. I'll need to varnish it with some Klear, and add the last bits of detail. Now I'm wondering whether to weather it, just a touch to show a working engine rather than your typically well groomed 7mm model.
  10. I'm considering a brief and occasional foray into N gauge with some stock I have had for a while. Among these is a Std 4MT tank which I'm wanting to a Scottish locomotive. Specifically one I've in pictures which was given a addition set of embellishments to it's livery including a red smoke box numberplate and handle and white rimmed buffers - not unlike the German practice. I've tried to find images of this loco which I believe is 80127 but cannot find anything online to help.
  11. I have just been cleaning out and test running some old chassis for a future project. (Specifically two old 94xx wth three pole armatures and a 57xx with a five pole armature). When running the two 94xx have preformed as a good as can be but the 57xx chassis struggles with switching direction. Also when running in reverse it will preform well for about 5 minutes then gradually slows to a stop. This is a problem as reverse running and shunting maneuvers would be a requirement for my layout. All models were dismantled and cleaned with airbrush cleaner (being told it was less offensive to the plastic and electronics) and reassembled and all of the parts were accounted for. The gear of the 57xx is plastic but doesn't look damaged and the mess seems to be correct. Can someone offer any advice to this predicament.
  12. For a potential modelling project. Was there was potash trains operated in the steam era. Specifically from the 1920's onwards to the end of steam. If so does anyone have any information on the type of stock used?
  13. I know and uncomfortable question to ask for some. But if anyone has/can link me to any images of steam locomotives being dragged to the scrapyard I would be most appreciative.
  14. I think overall, if you want to stop the problem the new chassis is the way to go unless you able to construct a kit chassis. Still though, tinkering is what a lot of us are about.
  15. I wish I had had this idea earlier. I was forced to replace the wheels on my own old B1 due to the small problem. She is in need or another modernised now however.
  16. Hi there chaps and chapesses I have a Bachmann Ivatt 4MT I'm rebuilding. I bought it second hand many, many moons ago. The were a few bits missing which can be easily replaced or rebuilt however the cylinders are slightly damaged and both valve spindles are snap making the motion a bit limp. Has anyone repaired these before or know how I can obtain a spare valve gear and cylinders?
  17. I think a few people have already seen my own before but I finished these about 18 months ago. pretty all down to what Mike posted.
  18. Political predicaments and financial issues preventing modernisation, plentiful supplies of cheaper fuels (coal, bagasse). There's a lot of talk about China being the last stronghold of regular steam, but someplace in eastern europe and smaller islands/countries are still be found utilising steam locomotives in very limited numbers. West Germany still had steam locomotives until about a decade after BR steam, East Germany twenty years after...
  19. Any chance Wizard Models could look into it. He seems to be doing a good job of keeping stock of the old supplies coming.
  20. Hello again Just another quick question. How was the push pull equipment controlled on airbraked locomotives such as the M7. Did it use the same equipment as the air braking? or was there duplicate equipment used? If so how did it work?
  21. Brilliant stuff, Yeah the valve gear is a bit scary. I got an idea for a g45 project using this loco as a basis.
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