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  1. No, that was to remove that ridiculous and erroneous 'shelf' from the tender, as well as the solid chunk from under the smokebox, that ruins the whole look of the front end. Look at the area under the smokebox on a Black Five and then an 8F - the 8F is how it should look.
  2. Also, I was going to ask why the embankment to the western side of the yard (next to the lie-by siding) stops short by some distance.... You don't escape my critique that easily!
  3. I often look mate, but rarely post. I was going to get in touch anyway as I have a ton of EM gauge stock (and a few locos) that I won't be using for the foreseeable future, so was wondering whether you'd like a long term loan? I would rather see them used than stagnate
  4. Yep, I'm still alive folks although not doing much in the way of modelling at the moment. You'd think that the various lockdowns would have been the perfect opportunity but somehow, I've had less time. The bug is still there though and I do keep getting tempted to indulge in some modelling although what that will entail is still in question (unlikely to be pacifics and a rake of shiny coaches though).
  5. Thanks Don. Pulling the article together and searching through photos has rekindled my interest somewhat; I actually progressed a couple of wagon kits that had been sat on a shelf for far too long.
  6. Heads up folks, The Mill is in the April 2021 issue of BRM.
  7. Blimey Jeff, that really is looking fantastic; so much better than the other viaducts (and they were fantastic too)
  8. Just to set the record straight here, I am not moaning. It's Jeff's viaduct and he can paint it bright pink if he wants but he also knows that I will bring up such things to assist him. If you look at KL1 and 2, you will see a pattern from my posts, where I question things and give Jeff an opinion.
  9. Sorry to butt in Jeff but the colour is far more important than the missing arch. You are using the viaduct as an inspiration and not trying to make an exact replica of it but as such, how it looks is very important and getting that colour right is key. To me, there's an element of brown in the stone that is used; it's unmistakably grey but a brownish grey, and to not get that tone in there would not represent it correctly. From a weathering perspective, it's not like it has ever been exposed to smoke and filth being located in the middle of nowhere so it would be natural (as in nature) weathering rather than that caused by man, e.g. mosses, lichen, etc. Also take into consideration that when looking at a 4mm scale model, it is like looking at the structure from some distance, so the photos, etc., that you use to determine the colour should really be from a distance that scales up (if that makes sense); something viewed from 30' away will look a different colour to something viewed from 3' away. I reckon that is why we see the occasional moaning on here about liveries of RTR locomotives, etc. Hornby may use an exact colour that was used on the real thing but it doesn't look right on a model because you are viewing it as if you are 30' away.
  10. Hi, yes you would have seen it at Shipley Show as we've exhibited it there twice. Chris and I (who built the layout) are both members of Shipley MRS although the layout is not a club layout (if you see what I mean)
  11. Blimey mate, you don't hang around do you? Last time I looked, there was a garage full of crap and now the track is going down and the viaduct (which is looking fantastic) is taking shape. Good to see you are sticking with EM and all it's challenges (interesting ones). I would never go back to OO myself now.
  12. Just to show I'm not really mellowing out, my attitude nowadays is more akin to responding to "You should......." statements with "You should F*&% off" One of my mates pointed out that in a number of my videos, I basically tell the audience to f*&% off. Thing is, they bloody loved it
  13. I do kind of get it now. What you are creating is more of a 3d piece of art and having trains moving through it just adds to the overall creation rather than being the main purpose of the piece and as such, having a load of track on bare baseboards full of sidings that you have to then fill with stock becomes a pain in the plopper. If I am right in this, then you are totally right in your decision (whatever that may be). Don't let mine or anyone else's requirements for what they want from a layout steer your direction, as it may not be what you want from it. Did I really say that? Wow - I must be mellowing in my old age
  14. I think I know what the ommission might be; you are thinking of going without a fiddle yard. Am I right?
  15. Better down that having to cycle up it
  16. Hi there Jeff. Well I've done a grand total of sod all modelling in the past God knows how long, mainly because all my railway stuff is tucked away safely in an attic in Bingley, and I now live in Chester. Regardless, I will be keeping an eye on what you are up to and pointing out the error of your ways when you stray from the path Want to know what has been filling my time? No? Well I'll tell you anyway. Riding bikes mainly, and starting up a YouTube channel that's slowly growing in subscriptions. I started this just before Lockdown which was possibly the worst time EVER to begin a mountain biking channel as for the next two and a half months, I was restricted to riding around Chester so to keep it interesting, had to learn to talk to the camera, quickly. Want to see one of the videos? No? Well I'll show you anyway. This is a very short edit of a run down Boredale Hause. Excuse the bad language; that's just me and I'm not about to stop swearing E
  17. Hi Pete. Bacup is no more, there was no real way of converting it to EM and the baseboards were truly awful. Plus, I became more interested in industrial railways when building The Mill so the next layout is likely to be a gritty industrial line weaving its way past the buildings of Bacup (all saved and stored) with exchange sidings if space allows
  18. Those terraced houses look really familiar; I have rows and rows of them that look almost exactly the same
  19. How about coming on a recce for locations over my way Mark? Loads of railway related books and crannies around the Wrexham/Trevor district and handily close to Llangollen for some proper decent riding
  20. The 2nd? Marry a Spanish woman and they go on until the 6th! Merry Christmas Clive (and everyone else of course)
  21. Really sorry to hear this, Jim was such a lovely bloke and always stopped for a chat whenever our paths crossed.
  22. Not the mill on, erm, The Mill but another one.
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