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  1. Wonderful stuff! I love the fact that it's not all about the trains, but is a harmonious picture with buildings, road vehicles, convincing topography etc. It evokes a real place and time and feeling. I couldn't dream of working in 2mm now due to my less than good eyesight, but if I could, this would inspire me no end. Very much enjoying this thread and looking forward to more news from Frankland.
  2. Wonderful stuff Westerner. Excellent photos. These were the sort of pics that used to inspire me as a lad reading RM. So full of life and detail and bags of atmosphere. Well done!
  3. I could not have been more positive about their product on this thread if they had paid me. It really is a great little controller. I'm not expecting Amazon-like levels of speedy service, just some kind of human contact. I didn't care whether the item would arrive in 2 days or 20 days. I just wanted some kind of acknowledgment that the order was received and in the works. I really don't think this has anything to do with the suppliers level of engagement with the Internet. They could have phoned me or sent a letter if they'd wanted to. It all comes down to how you treat your customers. With care and personal service, or plain indifference. The Internet hasn't changed that.
  4. I will certainly not in future. I can forgive most shortcomings in trade, but being curt and obviously indifferent to your customers' needs and expectations is just unforgivable.
  5. Well no actually. If you read through the thread you will find that Theakerr and myself have had problems communicating with Morley. That's TWO. How they run their business is indeed 'up to them' but don't expect the customers to put up with it.
  6. If they don't do 110V, don't you think they could have taken the time to make a brief and courteous reply to that effect?
  7. Perhaps it's just your age? I'm 52. I've been running my own business full time since 1987. There seems to be some perception amongst the old lags that British railway modellers must accept second best, second rate, slack and unprofessional service. If Morley (or whoever) are serious about being in business then they should act professionally and put their customers first, I don't care how good their product is. If they treat me like I'm some sort of annoyance, I will not do business with them again. I wasn't expecting an exact delivery time, just a rough estimate and that they would tell me when it was on its way. If you hadn't noticed Kenton, we are no longer living in the past.
  8. With all due respect I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an aknowledgement of the order, and order number and an estimated delivery date. I needed to know approximately when my order would be delivered so that someone would be there to sign for it. Does that somehow make me guilty of having 'unrealistic expectations'?
  9. Hi Roger, I have recently acquired a Morely Vector Zero Two controller. It's a very nice piece of kit and excellent value. It is a dual controller (non-feedback) with auxiliary 12V DC and CDU outputs. It is compact and well-made and comes with a pair of hand-held controllers that you can optionally plug into the main unit for 'roaming' control. All my motive power (mostly newer Bachmann steam outline) runs nicely with it. I would recommend the Vector Zero Two unreservedly. The only downside is Morely's customer communications (or rather lack thereof). I placed my order on their website and received no confirmation email (other than a WorldPay payment receipt) or estimated delivery date. When I asked them about this, I received a rather terse email saying that they considered it a waste of time 'duplicating the WorldPay confirmation'. After several more days I emailed them asking when I might expect delivery to which I received no response. The unit arrived the following day. So in summary, great product but let down by poor customer relations.
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