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  1. As an aside to the last set of photo's posted, Captain Paul Bootherstone was awarded the DSC for his actions in the Falklands Conflict of 1982. At the risk of going off topic I'll just post a link, suffice to say it is worth a read. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1326084/Captain-Paul-Bootherstone.html
  2. Test train, I hear, will be departing Penzance at some point after 10pm however it will run straight to Exeter.
  3. Anyone thinking of heading out for this tonight may want to rethink. Train is still at Penzance at the moment with a fault apparently.
  4. Saturday morning there was a private bus charter "bashing type thing" using some elderly buses from the Williams Travel fleet. The pick up point I believe was outside the station.
  5. Finally for now:- On 12th October 1988 a special HST was run from Plymouth to Truro where one power car would be named City of Truro. The train was then to proceed to Penzance where the other power car would be named Seahawk after HMS Seahawk (RNAS Culdrose). Power car 43192 was named at Truro by Inter City Western Region manager Mr John Bourne and Truro mayor Mrs Carlyon. The honours were done at Penzance by Captain Paul Bootherstone Commanding Officer at RNAS Culdrose, CPO Robson (both who arrived in style from Culdrose), Western Region General Manager Mr Brian Scott and other dignitaries. Following the event at Penzance the party retired to the Lizard for afternoon tea!! Here is the day's events in picture:-
  6. 1) Bubble cars 55026 and 55000 at Carbis Bay working the 1954 from St Ives. 20th June 1988. 2) 43188 "City of Plymouth" and 43172 pass the Marazion camping coaches on the 1623 Penzance to Paddington. 21st June 1988. 3) P871 makes a smoky departure from Penzance on the 1605 Penzance to Truro on 13th July 1988. 4) P862 (51179 & 51570) passes St Erth up distant signal on the 1710 Truro to Penzance. 21st June 1988.
  7. 1) The ultrasonic test train formed of Derby Lightweight DMU 975007/8 stabled at Penzance 7th May 1986 seen from a passing train. 2) Matisa recording trolley DX50011 stabled at Par. This example was originally numbered 50013 but took up the number 50011 vacated by another example that was scrapped. 26th April 1986. 3) 50039 Implacable runs past Penzance signal box with the lengthy 0926 from Bradford Interchange on 7th June 1986. 4) An unusual working, 47319 hauls Derby based 975089/90 otherwise known as Laboratory coach No5 with the 1445 Penzance to Exeter. 23rd July 1986. 5) 50047 Swiftsure passes Hallenbeagle engine house on the 1922 Penzance TPO on 4th August 1986. 6) Bristol Bath road based 37135 heads west over Hayle viaduct with a short cement train on the way to "run round" at St Erth. 26th August 1986. 7) 47646 making an unscheduled stop at Camborne working the 1030 Penzance to Liverpool Lime Street. 19th August 1986. 8) 47612 Titan crosses Brea embankment with the retimed 1907 Penzance TPO. The train was on occasions retimed at short notice for security reasons. The date is 16th September 1986. Footnote:- Sorry some of the captions are in the wrong order & don't match up with the photo's but hopefully you can make sense of it all.
  8. There's more............. 1) Unit P464 arrives at Truro with the 1130 from Falmouth on 9th February 1985. 2) 45124 arriving at Camborne working the 1500 service from Plymouth. 30th March 1985. 3) It's not all about the trains themselves. A friendly wave from the driver of 45121 on the 1354 Penzance to Bristol on 6th April 1985. 4) Another driver deep in thought whilst at the controls of 50044 on the 1354 Penzance to Bristol on 30th March 1985. Note the AWS sunflower visible in the cab.
  9. Glad you like them, they are not the best quality but I hope the content makes up for that. I'll post a few more another day.
  10. A couple more to finish and not a locomotive in sight! Firstly the exhibition train at Penzance on 29th July 1985. The coaches numbered in the departmental series were: 977215,977230,977231, 977217,977218,977216,977219 and 977232. Secondly the Radio 2 roadshow train at Penzance 2nd August 1985. The coach numbers in this instance were: 99625,99624,99623,99630,99622,99621 and 99620. The train later worked overnight to Salisbury.
  11. A few more:- 1) P460 the then 3 car Telecom unit stands at Falmouth Docks on 16th July 1985 prior to departing with the 1345 to Truro. 2) 50021 Rodney at Penzance on 2nd August 1985. My notes state it later worked the 1527 to Plymouth then returned ECS to Penzance before later working the Night Riviera to Paddington. 3) 45070 is seen at Camborne on the 1030 York to Penzance "relief" on 6th April 1985. 4) 43124 in original livery and 43179 pass the remains of Dolcoath siding working the 1145 Paddington to Penzance. 25th May 1985. 5) With Truro cathedral visible in the background,37207 William Cookworthy arrives into the sidings at Truro on an engineers train. The train was destined to work in the Chacewater area later that day. Picture dated 13th July 1985. I'll post some more another day if anyone want's me to?
  12. Resurrecting this thread with a few from 1987:- 1) 37196 "Tre Pol & Pen" passes Dolcoath with an up cement working on 25th March. A few months later the traffic ceased and by the summer 37196 lost it's nameplates and moved to Cardiff Canton. 2) HST power car 43022 worked what was the inaugural "up" Cornishman service on 8th May 1987 and had an embellishment applied to it. Later in the month it is seen at the rear of the 1100 from Leeds at Camborne passing 47435 on the 1830 Penzance to Plymouth. 3) Not long before it's conversion to 50149, 50049 arrives at Redruth on the 1310 Penzance to Paddington on 1st August 1987. Late in September 50149 appeared from Laira carrying it's new look. 4) 50019 Ramillies arrives at Par on 14th August 1987 whilst working the 0645 Swindon to Penzance.
  13. Just to follow up on the class 70 movement yesterday - the return run was denied access to Laira by GWR, so diverted to Tavistock Junction yard.
  14. 70803 worked for the first time today following collision repairs. It undertook a test run from Laira to Penzance and return in company with 70812.
  15. Colas 66's 66847 & 848 topped and tailed a short ballast train out on the Newquay branch last night reaching Newquay at around 0100 hrs. It returned to Par and was held there for some time waiting a relief driver before continuing to Westbury.
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