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  1. Great item this - "WEATHERED" LMS van conversion with Track cleaning kit and spare pads Going away soon but I just thought I'd try this now - priced to sell INCLUDING POSTAGE - £30
  2. NOTE - DCC FITTED Used and painted Dapol B800 Truck Cleaner with lots of extra bits Perfect working condition just quickly painted to get rid of the horrible original blue I am away soon but just thought I'd try this now Priced to sell...........£55 INCLUDING POSTAGE
  3. Make me an offer ?????? PLUS £2.75 postage.
  4. Reduced - £12 posted Less than 1/2 price and as new.
  5. OK here is the detail TAM VALLEY - Its two singles and a hex so 65% of £15+£15+£80 = £71.50 plus £5 postage - call it £75 all in despatched same day as payapl payment - PM me if interested. J
  6. Hi, I'm sure its a combination of items to serve 8-9 turnouts Tam valley yes the detail from memory this was in ones and twos - its a bit of a grovel to get the detail but if this is a serious interest I will sort something out. The loco has now gone so I might now remove them. Not pushing (or insulting you) - I'm happy to do this during the day if you are genuinely interested Perhaps PM me?
  7. See photos - self explanatory TRIX and DCC rolling road good for N and 009 (and axle/trailing track) cleaners Wagons (a set of 3 in each) as new in as new boxes - these retail for £50 each set PM me if interested in individual items - I would prefer it all to go together as it saves postage for everyone - all in one go £95 INCLUDING postage
  8. I am slowly shutting down my 009 layout and I know there are as new Coastal DCC frog juicers serving the 8 turnouts on the layout which has probably had only 8-10 hrs use max since installation. If anyone is interested on the basis of 65% of new cost plus £5 postage let me know and I will remove them. Hence no photos.
  9. I've decided to sell up my small 009 layout so have a Baldwin and 6 open bogie wagons looking for a new home - all are as new and in brand new boxes Would rather sell as one item £220 the lot plus £10 insured postage. Will split on the basis of Wagons £22 each and Loco (DCC) as per my independent listing £115 but postage will be £5 each wagon and £7.95 for the loco. Also have some coastal frog juicers wired once and almost unused - PM me if you want more detail I think from memory its enough to serve 8 turnouts - will sell at 65% new cost plus postage
  10. I have just posted this on ebay as I thought RM classifieds weren't working so I'm trying this out............. THIS ITEM IS TRULY AS NEW and I do have the as new box and instructions I just cant get at them at the moment This is a loco I have only had for a little while - its fully tested and runs well I have decided to come away from 009 due to my age and lack of ability to handle small items. I have some rolling stock available as well I can't seem to identify a new cost/value anywhere but I think I paid £180 'ish so £115 feels right. DCC fitted by TMC Post £7.95 and it will be insured EDIT - I've found the box!
  11. Thanks but that isn't any faster than the GM prod. One other issue I have with the GM is if I'm running 3 locos (main up and down going round and round and shunting) if one derails I cant quickly turn everything off to avoid collisions/damage other than switching the whole layout off at the wall socket. I have never played with any other DCC systems so perhaps my criticisms are universal
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