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  1. Yeah - a 37 ... Being German, I got in contact with British engines on occasional holidays only, so I cannot claim they are really familiar to me. But from the very beginning (in the 1980s) both the 08 shunters (on one of which I was given a footplate-ride) and the 37s (and the similar engines related to it) made a huge impression on me ... that size ... that sound ... just great. And no matter which scale they are - looking at the pictures of these engines has me almost hear the roaring ... Great modelling - you just capture the athmosphere and bring the viewer right into the scene.
  2. I am really impressed - both by the speed in which you developed and completed that but also by the precision: For me it is hard to believe it is N-Scale ... Looking at it, it leaves me frustrated with my inadequate abilities ... :-( Very, very good work - thank you for sharing that with us.
  3. Of course not - in fact, the 08-shunters were the first British locos that conquered my heart in the 1980s. There are certain classes that looked strange for me - but 08s, 37s and the like are just great. :-) Regards SF
  4. Hallo!

    After having been "just a reader" for a few years, I now managed to register myself here.
    I have done some H0-scale modelling until some 30 years ago, when some job-related moves across the county and decades of commuting demanded their toll.
    Now I have given up the long fostered dream of a large layout and since a few years I am planning Inglenooks and Time-Savers - alas, so far they never got built.

    But I am absorbing information and suggestions in forums and in real life situations and hope to make it.

    I live in Germany but take an interest in both British and German railways and am in fact a member of two British societies.

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