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  1. Compound2632, not all Ballast wagons looked grey all over, it seems the body side metalwork soon showed through as very dark or is that some intensive shadow? Most of the Ballast wagons show a strong dark area to the metalwork. Also note a wagon from Tipton too. This is part of the Penmaenmawr accident recovery train, there's NWD's, CD's and these private Tipton wagons in the mix, also don't forget, Ballast trains had their own dedicated Ballast Brake Vans as per this one at the Preston Accident with additional lettering.
  2. What's happened? How do I get rid of the 'lost' area on the right hand side of the screen, it's taken a third of the screen width away from viewing topic text / pictures.
  3. It's been 6 or 7 years since we've had Blue Tits using our nest boxes, they are back this year and a nearby friend has also seen plenty around picking up insects etc., so hopefully west Cornwall will start to see their long term return. We've given up on feeders, the Squirrels seem to find a way to them, whatever we do - but that Slinky looks interesting.
  4. Well, not sure what system your using Stephan, but my distance calculator to Taunton gives: Wirksworth to Taunton 187 miles (4hrs 24mins) Reading to Taunton 124 miles, that's about a third less distance, (2hours 11 mins = half the time) and incidentally less than my 147 miles from Mousehole. (3hrs 17mins) I shall be visiting Taunton too, good show in 2023, and I now know about the restaurant 🙂 We may even meet up ! ! ! !
  5. Tucked away on Three Cocks Junct, 3 nice scenic pieces. The builder is an Apiarist's, so the hives have been modelled with care 🙂, if small. The same person (GrahamT) also did the gardens on Ynsybwl.
  6. I agree with Rob, I thought it worth the day trip (by car) from Penzance. . Traffic on the M5 at 5 - 6pm was not good though..... .
  7. Buying advance ticket(s) seemed a bit convoluted via 'eventbrite', or at least it was for one of the Oldies.
  8. So I looked up a copy on Ebay - £4.95 incl. p&p, bought it, it's as good as new and an excellent insight into the Bass company. The book has one of the most extensive Appendices I've ever seen, but no mention of Swansea, Cardiff is only post grouping.
  9. It seems some of the barrels available in 4mm scale are more or less correct with the thick/heavy bands to them. The Vat supports must be under some tremendous pressure, looking at the size of those Vats.
  10. 'Beware? perhaps 'Be aware of...... ', Maybe I'm of an age where these don't scare me any more 😇
  11. In the midst of time, there's been much discussion about barrels loaded in wagons. Looking through some of my old CD's, I found this copy of a picture from the 1899 Railway Magazine.
  12. Probably not much help but this is part of a Forfar advert for Coals etc., I'm assuming Hamilton, Ell. Dunfermline, Balquhatstone and Wishaw are Collieries? Of (distant) interest to me is that Smith, Hood & Co. had a depot at Inverkeilor - my generations of families home - though I was only aware of Thomas, Muir & Patton having an office there at one time.
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