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  1. Interesting stuff, Tony. If my colour memory from the late 50s/early 60s is correct, though, there must have been a lot of “studio lighting” at the line side, because I always seem to find Bachman and Hornby maroon carriages too dark, and often too dull. 🤔
  2. Motion firmly seconded!!! I understand why there “have” to be adverts unless you want to pay to be free of them, but it really hacks me off that the same thing keeps reappearing every single time you move to a new page, no matter how many times you’ve previously deleted it. Someone should realise, as far as the advertiser themselves is concerned, that this splattering is counterproductive, risking alienation from their ‘product’ by site users.
  3. I agree with both of these statements. Reform will almost certainly turn out to have some ‘unfortunate’ candidates, because the selection process for any new party with limited infrastructure will struggle to weed out the oddballs and the inappropriates. But anyone who seriously considers them “far right” or “extremist” can hardly know the true meaning of those terms. As for the SNP … well, IMHO even the Scots must surely be asking themselves after all this time in office, and with all this extra money above what the rest of the UK gets, why anything that goes wrong or isn’t working well is still always “ someone else’s fault”, preferably the English. If I were a a Scot I might see it differently I suppose … or not …
  4. Here Is the old Nu-Cast J6 I spoke of a couple of days ago. Not too bad after spending the best part of the last four decades nestling in a box, waiting for layout builds that were never finished - three times - because time, space and money could never be made to coincide. A light overhaul and a modern set of couplings and she goes really well. Not up to the standard often shown on here I know, but I love her and she’s going nowhere - any RTR product that ever emerges will be bought ‘as well’, not ‘instead’. The layout itself is very much still a “work in progress”, more than somewhat delayed in the last few months due to Lady Whizz’s lengthy ill-health - my modelling skills still leave something to be desired but my ironing skills are vastly better! I’m getting there though, certainly much further than all my previous attempts.
  5. I suspect you may need to do some more research on how UK elections work. Once an election is called and Parliament is dissolved, the existing MPs - of whatever Party - cease to be MPs and go back to being mere Candidates, on exactly the same playing-field as all other Candidates including the Monster Raving Loony Party and the like. It’s unclear which version of “men in grey suits” you have in mind here, but if you are a registered UK voter, you get to elect your local MP - whatever Party (if any) they have chosen to affiliate to. You don’t vote directly for who becomes PM; the Party with the most MPs elected forms the new Government, and their Party Leader becomes PM, subject (but only in theory for the last couple of hundred years) to the King’s approval. The only role for “Grey Suits” comes when a Party Leader becomes unable to continue as PM or loses the confidence of his MPs in Parliament. In those circumstances there’s always a certain amount of “behind the scenes” manoeuvring to identify a selection of suitable (supposedly!) Candidates from which the new Leader will be chosen, and that’s where they come in to their own. Each Party has its own rules about how they make that choice and who gets to vote to choose. Since his/her Party still holds a majority in Parliament there is no specific requirement for a new PM to call a new Election, though a new PM will sometimes do so after a while, to strengthen their ‘personal’ mandate.
  6. So the Nu-Cast J6 tender is literally only appropriate for just one of the entire class in BR times? Why would anyone do that???? After all these years hidden away in a box and now out at last, I think “Rule One” is going to have to apply with mine … (Inserts fingers in ears) “La-la—la-la”
  7. They do on mine!!! Difficult to get a balanced stud of locomotives representing the ER lines in Nottinghamshire without K2s - and J6s too, though I did build (with some help on the chassis) a Nu-Cast one of the latter many years ago which has recently been somewhat refurbished. Fingers still firmly crossed therefore …
  8. Were there ever that many EU-funded transport projects in the UK anyway? Certainly not by comparison with what I’ve seen on holiday in places like Malta and Madeira, where going back after 20 years or so the whole road network was practically unrecognisable. Anyone who wondered where our contributions went needed only to look at places like that.
  9. Not a lot probably, because every one he ever wears looks as if it has shrunk after a rain shower. All that money in the family and no sense of sartorial style …
  10. Don’t know about the Swiss Navy, but many people are surprised to learn there used to be quite a sizeable Austrian Navy, dreadnought battleships and all, until c1919. I have never quite recovered from learning that their top-scoring U-boat Ace during WWI was none other than … Baron Georg von Trapp … yes, he of “The Sound of Music” fame. Proving yet again that when people leave the Armed Services their subsequent career (and hobby!) choices can go in strange directions.
  11. Give it time, “they’ll” probably get there in the end …
  12. In my neck of the woods the problem is compounded on one busy A-road frequented by agricultural vehicles at certain times of year by the County Council having painted double white lines in all the places overtaking could “safely” have been attempted; so even if you could, you can’t …
  13. Ho, yuss! But being somewhat more petite their consumption is modest by comparison to … certain other of God’s Creatures.
  14. Er … (Only on Thursdays though).
  15. And conversely, too - layouts that haven't been built for want of a particular model. By the time I got my hands on an O2 and heard of the prospect of an E1, it was clearly going to be too late in life to complete my Last Great Project layout and start an Isle of Wight branch line as well.
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