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Loco Tender conection repair


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I hope that I have selected the most appropriate section for a spot of help and advice.


I have a Bachmann Tornado on the tender of which the plastic spindle [?] which connects the tender to the metal link on the locomotive has broken.......don't ask how....I haven't a clue and am not in the habit of mistreating models!


My first attempt at a repair has failed [i used a piece of plastic spindle found in the 'odds and ends box', cut  to size].  The main problem being that the glue [tried plastic weld and Devcon 5 minute rpoxy] did not set rigid and therefore failed. A secondary problem being the necessary small diameter of the plastic.


I wondered if one of you gents with more knowledge [and skill] than me could offer any suggestions please?  Obviously I could try and obtain a replacement tender chassis but that is my last resort.


Any advice will be appreciated.



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