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The Hessle Model Railway Group.

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Hi all.


I started a "Blog" on the old site, on behalf of the group and now there has been a little more progress on the current projects, I have started this thread to keep folk abreast of whats occurring. Some of the other group members may be adding their fourpenneth and anyone else using the site is welcome to add their thoughts and musings as long as its constructive and to the point. We would also welcome any visits to the blog from exhibition managers looking for layouts, although at the present time, we only have the one layout suitable.


We have a small membership, (15 I believe...), as our club rooms are not so large. They are however, affordable and so we are happy in our present home. We have three layouts in various stages of construction and I will describe these briefly below with the intention of posting occasional pictures and updates as work progresses.




This is our completed layout, based on Battersby on the Whitby to Middlesborough line. It is set in the BR Blue era and is powered by DCC with all current stock being sound fitted, it can however be operated as DC. Those who know the location will realise that the layout has a big cement works at the fiddle yard end which is not present at the real location. This is based on a cement works in the Manchester area, (a little help here Mike?) to add operational interest. The layout is ready for exhibition and has appeared at the Hull and Leeds shows over the last year or so. Mike is currently working to make the semaphore signals work and also to add point rodding, (cosmetic) to add to the realism. The photo's show the bracing being added to the backscene to keep the strength.




The station area with new braces in the process of being added.




Only one board being braced one at a time.



This is the groups newest layout and as you will see, is a 00 gauge layout. Whilst not yet officially named, we are considering "Kidlington", "Kiplington" or "Hilderthorpe". As the current working title suggests, the layout is based around Bridlington, with a holiday train theme. The track plan actually started out as Bridlington's track plan as it is now, but those who know the area will see we have moved some of the track work and made the real through platforms into bays and the real platforms 7 and 8 into the through lines. One of the other requirements of this layout was to have a shed area with a decent sized turntable. The three short lines in the photographs will form the engine shed roads with the turntable behind. Alan has taken on the mammoth task of constructing the station buildings and more detailed pictures of this part of the construction can be found here.....




I have volunteered to construct the signal boxes, but we'll see how that goes later.... Many of the buildings on the layout will be based on those at Bridlington or local to the East Yorkshire area.




General view of the station area with an excursion waiting to leave. Engine shed area in the foreground.




Class 40 hauled excursion takes the up main. In reality, it would leave on the track 2 to it's left, but we wanted to show a train coming through the extensive pointwork.......


N gauge

Not yet named, (unless anyone wants to correct me), this layout was started slightly before "Bridshed" and has, over recent weeks, seen its first trains running. I'm constantly told, "It's not based on the NYMR", however, it is scenically based on the area and, in my opinion, looks like it will be a layout built around its scenery. This, for me, is one of the bonusses of N gauge over the larger scales. Longer trains and an opportunity for scenery to be a large part of the layout. The layout includes a shed area and sidings area but unusually for many layouts, does not include a station area. Scale length trains running through the landscape? Sound like a fine idea to me.




Overall view of the layout.




Trackside from the loco shed end. Carriage sidings are to the left of the engine shed.


Thats all for now. As above, I will periodically post some progress pictures and let you know of any developments etc. We would welcome contact from individuals or other groups, so feel free to look in on our thread and say hello.




Sean and the folk of the Hessle MRG.

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Hello to all of you looking in.


Just another quick update re progress "up at the club".


The group held their AGM a week or so back and we are sorry to say that our current secretary Alan elected to stand down from his duties. A very public thanks to Alan for all his hard work. Our newley elected secretary, Mike has some very competant shoes to fill, however, we're all confident he's up to the job!


The main point of the post though is to let all those out there in RMweb land know that we are currently looking for new members. Hessle itself is in East Yorkshire, a couple of miles from Hull, however, if any one wants to travel further, you'd be made most welcome! biggrin.gif We meet on a Wednesday evening, from 7 till 10, so if you fancy popping up and saying hello, we'd all make you most welcome. Subs are good value at £25 per quarter, although we do have a nightly rate, should prospective members not be able to make the majority of weeks. Regardless, the first two weeks are free of charge as an incentive to get some new members.


If you are interested in our group and would like to pop along, please feel free to PM me on this site for further details.




Sean and the Hessle Model Railway Group.

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Hi all.


Firstly, thanks for checking in on the thread.


Although this thread is predominantly for updates on how our layouts are progressing, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the Hessle Model Railway Group have decided to take the plunge and open our doors to show to the public what we do. As its our first foray into this, we have decided to have a small "Model Railway Show" in the form of an open day event to be held on Saturday 14th May 2011 in the Main Hall, within Hessle town hall near Hull.


As plans progress, I have started a thread in the exhibitions forum, but will also keep this thread updated with developments Initial plans will hopefully see some of our friends from the Hull MRS exhibiting a layout or two, as well as some of our current projects being given a public airing. Battersby North End will be making its first "Home appearance" although, by the time of the show this will be its 5th outing and the groups N gauge layout will be making its debut - and will hopefully have an official name by then!.....


There will also be a few local groups involved, the Hessle Local History group and the Humber Rescue hope to be there too to give our group some support.


As we are a very small group with little in the way of funds, we will not be trying to run before we can walk, but I - as open day manager - would like to extend a warm welcome to all those RMwebbers out there who may be able to pop over and pay us a visit. It would certainly be nice to meet some of you on the day and chew the crud.


Well, thats all for now, but should any of you require further details, please feel free to contact me via the forum. I will keep you posted of any developments as they happen, but for now,


Happy Modelling.


Sean and the Hessle Model Railway Group.

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