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To stimulate discussion, post photos and exchange ideas, and (being an open public forum) help encourage others to try S scale modelling.

S Scale Rhodesia Railways


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Hi All, I am working on plans for an S Scale Rhodesia Railways based layout, running on HO track and bogies to simulate the narrower gauge used by R.R.

I have drawn up some basic carriage sides and roofs and some parts for a DE3 loco. I will get some pictures up.

My current idea is for a 12ft by 2ft layout with one side of the entire length being a platform - two lines run parallel to this and some points off to a carriage shed, loco shed and a siding or two - The idea is to have a loco come out the loco shed, refuel and sand, go to the caboose siding and haul it off to the far right end of the platform, then build up a consist of carriages (probably 5-8 depending on whether a local or international train is being built up) taken from the carriage shed (which will have a cassette storing 4 or 6 carriages) - Once built up, the idea is to take it apart again, send the loco back to the shed, swap it out with another and build a different train. The shed could also be used to store wagons to build up a goods train for variation. I will scan the two designs I have done so far for comments.

West Wales

Plans, bottom one looks too busy - I like the angles on the upper and middle ones


49025269261_94388cafde_k.jpgScan_20191106 by Wayne, on Flickr


49020194436_0dfa91eb21_k.jpgScan_20191105 (5) by Wayne, on Flickr


49020098801_dd34a06837_k.jpgIMG_20191101_114429 by Wayne, on Flickr


49020098861_f2cd5fc79b_k.jpgIMG_20191101_114433 by Wayne, on Flickr


49020098991_a6f1f6ac11_k.jpgIMG_20191101_114950 by Wayne, on Flickr


40268475955_b5bae81505_k.jpgIMG-20180328-WA0003 by Wayne, on Flickr





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5 hours ago, 34theletterbetweenB&D said:

Some go 5mm/ft instead of S, but whichever is chosen they are good options for Cape gauge on 16.5mm track. I could quite fancy making myself a 15th class 4-6-4+4-6-4 Garratt - one of which I footplated half a lifetime ago on the run up the escarpment to Vic Falls - but too much to do inn OO at present!

In S 16.5mm is almost dead on for 3' 6" gauge. I think one or two people have used 5mm scale for modelling metre gauge.

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My rolling stock and structure builds so far.




50013981572_a8f3cff835_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202450 by Wayne, on Flickr


50013188858_aba54285cd_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202452 by Wayne, on Flickr


50013981677_dd5f689ae5_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202455 by Wayne, on Flickr


50013719266_4b9122d6ab_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202502 by Wayne, on Flickr


50013719316_b432f0896a_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202506 by Wayne, on Flickr


50013189048_32c2b97f0a_k.jpgIMG_20200616_202523 by Wayne, on Flickr


50010416111_dca13b0e5f_k.jpgWheel Tappers Hut by Wayne, on Flickr

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And the proposed shunting layout


The idea in my mind is C will be the diesel loco shed and refueling. The loco then runs to B and collects the caboose (runs behind the loco), this will be dropped off at D, the loco can then move to G and return to E. From there it can pick up wagons at H, I and B in a specific order and run them onto D/G. 


If the caboose needs to be on the left of the train, the loco picks up the wagons from H / I  and perhaps B, picking up the caboose last, it runs it to E, runs around it via F and adds it onto the train at D. 


Similarly, trrains can be broken down from D




50013725606_45d7d29983_k.jpgLayout LH Side by Wayne, on Flickr


50013725651_7bb62f33c8_k.jpgLayout RH Side by Wayne, on Flickr

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