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GER 10T Goods Van announced!


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24 minutes ago, Dunsignalling said:

Only thing that Oxford has definitely got wrong (on both their models) is the absence/surplus of Morton clutches on the brake levers, and the use of a RCH style lever rack (possibly a later modification?) whereas the GER fitted a rather odd design of their own.



Thanks John, that’s a very helpful summary.


In the particular case of Oxford’s model of 630616 in LNER condition, however, it sounds from Cwmtwrch‘s description of the photo of this specific number in Tatlow that it should have a conventional Morton 2 shoe on one side set-up, rather than the one shoe on each side type modelled by Oxford.


PS - I’ve now seen the photo of 630616 Cwmtwrch mentioned (I’ve found that I have the earlier version of the Tatlow volume it’s in) and it definitely shows the no brakes side of a conventional Morton 2 shoe set-up. So it looks like we have another Oxford Rail LNER wagon brake blunder, at least on this particular running number. Should be fixable by removing one of the shoes and putting it on the other side to join the other, just have to make sure it’s the one going in the right direction!

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