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Morpeth Dock and Egerton Bascule bridge Birkenhead

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Hi chaps.


Im constantly on the lookout for shots of this area, but as of yet Ive not seen any on the net.


this area was particularly fascinating during the steam era, as freight trains to and from Morpeth dock would traverse the Egerton Bascule lifting bridge alongside road traffic.


Ive seen archive footage of black 5s, 8fs, 9fs on long freight trains, running unprotected alongside 1960s road vehicles, crossing the bridges with road traffic


before these it would have been GWR locos.


but I cant find any photos, the bridge is restored, and until recentley was a visitor attraction, I remember a few years back we visited and there where several photos of those days, but sadly I went recentley and its been closed.


does anyone know of any shots, and also whats happened to the egerton bridge visitor centre?





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