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Atlas Genset ..Warning.

sunshine coast

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Received from Atlas tonight.



Thu, 30 September, 2010 22:00:13

Atlas E-News Flash - Consumer Advisory



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September 30,2010

Consumer Advisory-Atlas HO Genset Locomotive/MRC Tech 6 Power Pack


Dear Atlas Customer,


Initial investigations have uncovered an incompatibility problem between the new Atlas HO Genset Locomotive and the new MRC Tech 6 Power Pack which could result in circuit board burn out.


Atlas strongly recommends that customers who have purchased this locomotive do not operate it with this specific MRC power pack. Atlas will inform customers of more complete findings as soon as possible.


Thank You


Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc.

378 Florence Avenue

Hillside, NJ 07205

May be worth proceeding carefully with any British power supply too..


Regards Trevor.. :D

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Please note I posted this as a warning that there was an (as yet unspecified) issue with the Atlas Genset that has shown itself specifically at the moment with a MRC controller ....it may only be with this type of controller or it may be a wider problem ....it was not to turn this post into a MRC bashing thread..


Regards Trevor .. :D

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For simple DC power supplies, MRC was the gold standard for many years...during my time pursuing a promising career in the retail hobby industry (I worked in a train store while at university) I sold a LOT of MRC power supples. They were solid and reliable. But their DCC sound decoders, no thanks...


But this is a new one. Can't imagine what's in that one MRC pack that causes the issues...

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I've recently bought an Atlas Genset in BNSF colours, does anyone know if any other manufacturer is planning a sound chip for this model soon. I don't fance the MRC one either!


I had emailed Soundtraxx and QSI over a sound board. Soundtraxx said they had no plans, but QSI, said they had the recording, but the way the genset work they had to redo some software and will not be ready until first quarter of 2011. So hopefully soon, I am waiting too. the MRC one sound nothing like a genset, they seem to be liars in that company.

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