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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.

Shop 4mm

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Very Nice. Scratch built I presume?


Would agree about the lighting. But why the apparent difference in finish/colouring between the brick work at the front of the shop and that on the sides? Prototypical? An artefact of the photography?


Do reveal more about your interiors (and how you did them)



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How do you get this level of detail ???

What components are you using?

I am particularily impressed by the windows detail.

This is the sort of modelling we would like to aspire to .

Any danger of some basic hints and tips or are you going to write the "how to ......book".


I am going to build my layout in a detached double garage so I really think I need to do plastic rather than card

though I could say I deliberatly modelled subsidence when the card warps as it gets damp.

Are you going to do an exhibition spot in the north west ???

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Hi there,

Thanks for the kind comments allways apreciated.

The building is entirly made from plsticard but well braced on the inside with Evergreen 125x250 size around the outer edges and criss-cross patterned.

The chimney stack is one piece rectangle from Plastruct and is fixed directly to the floor.

The brickwork sheet is plain bond from Southeastern Finecast fixed to the outer wall sections which are made from 40thou plastic sheet and were the window apertures are i have fixed 40thou strip to the inside to give an ilusion of depth, makes for easier cutting of the window apertures etc.

40 thou clear plastic was used for representing the glass and plastic microstrip fixed directly to the clear plastic with Mek-Pak liquid glue.

The main shop front 'lower'section was made completly from clear plastic sheet, 60thou then built up with different sizes of microstrip.

The interior ( wallpaper ) was made from 3/64 grade rod microstrip were peices cut from the catalogue of curtains sheets etc were wrapped around the rod acouple of turns then trimed to effect and glued to a black plastic base in the shop window.

Outer brick colouring was formed by first painting the whole of the brick with the desired motar colour then when dry- dry brushed brick colour applied with a small flat ended brush applied a a 45 degree angle, usually a couple of coates cover's.

weathering is dry brushing.

forgot to mention the shop front finish is just just the colour of the white plastic with picking out in black using a drawing pen.


The photos of the shop that you see are what it was like in its first instance but is now altered, the front retaining the brick finnish but the side walls are rendered and more detail added to the windows, keystones etc.


Will post up more photos of the new look as time allows, will try over the weekend.




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Nice work Peter.... Great level of detail


You say you've rendered the side of the building, have you given it a neat look or have you left some of the brickwork showing through where the render might have fallen away?






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Hi Ant,

Would have been in my eliment to have had some of the brickwork showing through but has to be full covered i'm afraid, the model is based on one that still stands today adjacent to the crossing gates on the Highstreet at Pool though how it would have looked in SR to early BR days.

will post up later today showing the rendering but other models taking my time these days, Carlisle and Peterborough not to mention?lol.



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