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Auto reverse module for turntable

steve fay

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I'm using a gaugemaster DCC03 wireless prodigy advance and I have a turntable which I have motorised I now need to add an auto revers module to control the polarity so I can drive the locos on and the sound will continue when being turned and change the polarity to drive off once turned. Can anyone suggest a suitable device. This is an O gauge layout if that makes any difference.


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I've found the PSX the best, its pricey but works faultless you can also adjust the load settings, as req etc.


Dcc supplies stock them and/or http://www.tonystrains.com/products/dccspecialties.htm








manual can be found here



we use one to switch the polarity of the our live frog Diamond crossing on RS Tower.




we have also installed one of the older Lenz units on a Turntable on our Gillsburgh Freemo Module it works fine, when we get chance we will upgrade it to a PSX.

(Lenz have since brought out a newer/better version but not had chance to see what its like)





Neil Rogers

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