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56003 Scavenger port question

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To start off my fleet of 56s, my aim is to produce a detailed model of 56003 in 2003-2004 condition. The aim is to keep the Grids identity and improve several areas that I feel can be improved on, Using Rail Express Modellers article back from 2009 which concentrates on the Doncaster/Crewe built machines.


My first proverbial brick wall is the scavenger ports on the roof as illustrated here: http://briandaniels.fotopic.net/p61572955.html . I wondering if anyone can confirm that 56003 still had these on the roof shortly before withdrawal, ive seen pictures of this loco circa 1996 with it on, but am wondering if EWS removed them later on in this locos career. pictures to follow shortly, and a big thank you to anyone who can help!



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