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Andy Y

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Andi Dell (Dagworth) has flagged the following issue up:


HI Andy,


sent by PM as I don't want to raise it on the open forum.


Should this be happening in a group that I'm only a member of?



Not only does this seem to happen in other groups that Andi isn't Owner of but also normal Forum areas.I'm awaiting a response to the query I've lodged with the developer of the Application off-forum but I wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing this or whether it's an isolated case?

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Thanks Kris,


I've made a change to a setting which may have a knock on effect to eliminate this which I have now changed to No to see what happens:


Show All Group Forums to Moderators

Do you wish to allow Global Moderators of the Social Group system to view all group forums on the forum listing, even if they are set to be hidden on the setting above?


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Hi Andy,


I'm seeing this on all groups I visit, regardless of whether I am a member of the group.


But only when logged in as martin_wynne, i.e. with group owner privileges.


I tried logging out and signing in on a different ID without such privileges (martin_blog_search) and then could not see the moderation tab.





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To be honest it isn't life threatening though. Even if anything was done it isn't irretrievable and I'm working with people that I trust in this environment anyway. :)

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