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Board Index re-org and Groups

Andy Y

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As per http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/39214-board-index-re-organisation/ I have moved the Special Interest Groups up into the Special Interest area to give greater prominence. As the visibility of Groups is now fully integrated with Active Content and VNC a Group's forums will perform in exactly the same way as the conventional areas but with the added benefit of some good interest areas and leadership from people who have an affinity with the Group's content.


The 'social' Groups have now been moved into the Area Groups, Clubs, Societies etc category.


I'd had some good feedback on the Group concept which felt it could be more prominent.



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'Affinity with the Group's content,' that's a kind way of describing our collective condition, Andy laugh1.gif


'What's 'Chard's problem, is he, you know - a bit special?'

'Oh no, him, he's just got affinity with the Group's content.'



Jocularity suitably parked, that is good feedback. Great stuff!

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