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Cheddar P4 - July 2018 update

Posted by ullypug , 12 July 2018 · 506 views

p4 cheddar valley

With the work on the 43xx almost done and some unexpected time at home, I've been working on the layout again.
Since the last entry, I've painted the previous landscaping along what will be the back of the layout.
Attached Image
This week I've removed and turned round the 3 boards nearest Axbridge so I can make the landscape formers and apply paper mâché as previously.
I've also added the retaining wall on the down side which supported the stone siding, along with the loading point itself. Both walls are from paper coated foam board and will eventually be painted to represent the concrete texture, mainly involving Sandtex and baby powder. More of that anon.
Attached Image
With the scenery formed, I've been able to start ballasting, after first paining the rails and chairs with Valleyo acrylics (German black brown). these may need some dry brushing later.Attached Image
The cess and 6ft is chinchilla dust, sieved through nylon stockings onto a bed of black gloss, a la Gordon Gravett and the ballast is actual Dulcote Stone, sold by Attwood Aggregates. It's fixed with the new Klear replacement, Pledge Multi Surface Polish. One half is still drying in the photos hence the colour difference. I may need to apply some weathering with an airbrush if I'm not happy with the overall effect. I've put the bridge and stone loading platform at Five Ways back on to gauge the effect and so far it's looking promising.
Attached Image Attached Image
One thing I've observed from the photos of the prototype is just how little ballast there was between the running lines. It was probably ash or cinders. It certainly wasn't pristine ballast from shoulder to shoulder as many layouts would have you believe.
A case of modelling what you see, rather than what you think it should be.
I'll do an update on the mogul on the separate blog later.

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Looking good Andrew I can easily recognise it from my youth. Cheers Ade

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