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Test track baseboard setup pt3

Posted by Harlequin , 11 July 2018 · 379 views

baseboard bridge ply box frame

I drew up a quick set of plans for the bridging section to get it straight in my mind:
Attached Image
I made the side panels and the track bed all the same width, 140mm. That made cutting a bit quicker and simpler.


Some ribs with holes drilled through them for wiring in the same style as the main boards were glued under the track bed:
Attached Image
I added PSE timber pieces to reinforce the ends, provide a good solid support and some extra thickness for whatever locating and fixing parts I decide to use.


To help locate the track bed properly I glued some support pieces onto the side panels:
Attached Image


Then with the aid of a 6ft level to act as a straight edge, lots of cramps and some weights, I glued the track bed to one side panel, then the other.
Attached Image


And here's the bridging section temporarily clamped into place between the other baseboards:
It will need a bit of fettling to allow it to drop in and out easily while maintaining tight tolerances and accurate alignment at the junctions.
Attached Image

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Some very nice work there.


You'd never believe it was for a model railway to run on !


Excellent stuff.

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