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009 comes to Calshot



Hello folks,

Last night and this afternoon I have been working on laying the NG track. It has been glued down and infilled using polycell (you would've thought that I would stop using this medium by now!)


I'm also a bit worried about that backscene. It doesn't cover the fiddle yard entrance which means you can't take any pictures of the loco shed without seeing clutter. I'm wondering whether to move the backscene round, but then I would lose the backscene behind the Castle and lifeboat station - I just can't win!


Of course, I could get it reprinted, but that would cost time and a lot of money that I simple don't have! Plus I have the wasted backscene :(


I even thought about putting either a large corrugated warehouse or hangar there but there would still be no backscene to cover over the roof of it. I seem to be going round in circles.


Finally, i'm concerned about all this infilling - it's not that neat and it covers 80% of the layout. I could of course go over it in a thin layer of DAS, but it will then be too high. Maybe I should go back to paper textures.


Anyway, here are some pictures:




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For texture between the rails on my HOe layout (angled level crossing on a German-style cobbled street) I used Slaters' embossed sheet - thin enough to lay on the sleepers without needing to be sanded down first, and below the rail head so I can clean it with a track rubber.


But, it looks like your infill is there for the long term. Should come up nicely in a tarmac or concrete colour after you've sanded it (I'd use some of those foam sanding pads in a comparatively fine grade - done that where I laid the original road in polyfilla).



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Hi Ken,

Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated. I have found some Slaters plastikard called 'Concrete' but there doesn't appear to be an image of this anywhere so I don't know what it is like. I agree though that once it is sanded down sufficiently it will be a lot smoother which will open me to new possibilities. Perhaps I could make sure it is sanded down to below the rail head around the tracks and scribe some of that concrete plastikard and then for the infill just try and paint it an appropriate colour. Incidently I did a trial of Plastikote tan colour which seemed OK (courtesy of Andy Y's knowledge) but I didn't sand it down before I sprayed it so it left lumps in it - I know now to sand beforehand.

I guess it's just a case of trial and error really.

Many thanks :D


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