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More reworking...




Had another burst of enthusiasm on the work bench today.


I have been playing with the Scale Hardware parts that I received a while back.


Along with finding a drill bit that was perfect for drilling the hole in the eccentric rod for the oil corks, I have added the fake nut and bolt heads to the expansion link, and another piece dunked in the chemical black.


I don't know if you agree, but I think this chemical black on nickel gives the perfect look for rarely looked after rods... might be a little too black perhaps, but because the CB works as an etch, it means that I can give the rods a quick spray with the airbrush if needed without worrying about priming.




Secondly I have been trying to work out how best to remake the union link between the crosshead and the combination lever. On this attempt I used some stainless steel tube soldered to the combination lever, and the union link fits over the tube. I had to make some very thin brass washers, as the nut and bolt that you can see, actually are nuts and bolts!! :lol: 0.5mm thread...


Makes a difference to the original thick nickel and rivet method..







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On the first photo, I'm impressed, attention to detail, and all cusps removed. One of my pet hates is to see valvegear painstakingly built with cusps showing...........no way can it ever look owt but etched. :rolleyes:


Not sure about the lower pic, the expansion link, it lacks the fluting........ :unsure:

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I agree - the blacking has given the effect of neglected rods B) That Scale Hardware stuff is fantastic!

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Hi Alcazar...


I know what you mean about the fluting on the union link, but looking at all the pictures in Yeadons, that link never had any fluting anyway. I think it might have been the link trying to look clever, although ultimately it isn't accurate. With a little more fettling it should look a lot better when it is on the engine.


Only problem with the scale hardware nuts and bolts is that they are stainless steel, and because it is a non-ferrous metal, the chemical black won't blacken it. :icon_frustrated:



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