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More valve gear stuff




A bit more done today.


I finished off the oil pot on the opposite side top slide bar, and then fitted one side of the motion as in the photo's. You can see the difference with the new union link, it's not perfectly profiled, but I was worried about it's strength had it been taken down any more.


People who had seen the working valve gear before now will have noticed that there was too much slop on the radius rod pin inside the expansion link, so the gear wasn't moving quite as it should, so I replaced that pin with some thicker brass rod, and now the radius rod will move smoothly up and down the travel of the EL but also give the right movement to the piston in the steam chest... which is nice :lol:


Another thing done today were the 4 simulated hex head nuts holding the slide bars to their brackets. Unfortunately they don't seem as prominent as those used on the oil pots.. I think it will be a case of "well, I know they're there.."


Got to finish off the union/combination/radius rod assembly from the other side, and then just have to worry about the detail for the main piston rod. Getting there, especially seeing as it was one of the last jobs that I was dreading.. ;)






7mm/ft safety valve next to the 0.5mm threaded (working) nuts and bots to show how dinky they are..






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The M0.5 bolts would be the same as that used by Exactoscale for working screw couplings in 4mm scale.....

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Just checked and 0.5mm are the smallest... I'll have to stick with those... though I think they are about the right size anyway..



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